Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doorstops Are Fun!

The boys have gotten a lot more mobile in the last few weeks, and I've gotten a lot more tired. They keep this old gal running, that's for sure. Anyway, the young gents have discovered doorstops. They love them, and really enjoy the sounds they make. After their bath, once the diapers are in place, I let them have at the doorstops for a while. Usually, they like to focus on the same doorstop, but occasionally, they'll each take one for themselves. They do like group activities. If they are apart for too long, the one who's missing all the fun is anxious to get back to the other two.
James was so obsessed with the doorstops, he would not pose for a picture. He's a busy little guy. His favorite location is currently the dog's water bowl (for hours of splashing fun). He makes a bee-line to the water whenever he can oftentimes bringing his youngest brother with him. Thank goodness Michael still would rather talk to his foot.
Michael taking a break from the doorstop music to smile for Mommy. I think he's starting to talk. He calls all dogs Dukes, he says MomMomMomMom (especially when he's trying to get my attention), and he says DaDaDaDaDa.
Ryan rocks the post-bath hair. He's all over the place as well. Today, he climbed up two stairs. I'm not sure that this is a valuable skill to obtain as of yet. He has also taken to his pacifier. Since the other two boys like their pacifiers, I always keep Ryan's attached as well. In the last couple of weeks, he has been really chomping down on that thing.
All the boys love to climb in to their chairs. It's great fun to make them tip over and to chew on them. James still loves to spit. Here, he's giving me his raspberry face. I still think it's hilarious - the face, the noise, and the way he can spit for hours on end. I'm a proud Mama.

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