Monday, April 19, 2010

The Main Attraction

A couple of Sundays ago, Bob was in Arizona, and I had been cooped up in the house for a while. The longer between outings, the more I talk myself out of them. I just start to think about how much work it is to get things together, get the boys in the car, and all of the challenges that crop up when you are out and about. I decided that I had to go to church - my soul needed a little bit of churching. I woke the boys up early & fed them, brought them all into the bathroom while I showered (where James & Ryan managed to flood the entire bathroom with the dog water), got us all dressed and in the car. About 2/3 of the way through the process, I almost threw in the towel, but we made it out and to church on time. Lori & Arthur were in the nursery, so along with Christy & Eric, we got all of our kids to communion. It made me feel so great to have such good friends who were willing to help without even asking. After church, the boys and I did a little shopping trip to Sams Club. The two seater basket really worked well. James rode in the back with the groceries. The key to a successful shopping trip is food. I got the giant bucket of animal crackers, and we shopped quite successfully if you factor out all of the gawkers and people who stopped us to talk. After our trip, the boys and I headed home to unpack the groceries. We called Grandma & Faith on our ride home to invite them to go with us to the Main Street Arts Festival.
We were really excited to see some art. I have been itching to take the boys to the art museum, but it's never seemed to work out. Main Street was PACKED. It was ridiculous how many people were there. I've been to the Main Street Festival several times, and I never remember having such a hard time seeing things and so many people. Of course, I wasn't pushing a triple decker the last time I went.
The boys loved looking at all the people, and all of the people seemed to love looking at the boys. I couldn't believe how ridiculous it was, and the stupid questions that were asked. We ducked into a gap between tents to check out some booths nearby, and the lady next to us just about had a mental break down watching her stuff. You can see her hand "rescuing" her piece from us. I can't tell you how happy I was to move on from her lackluster art and her eagle eye.
Perhaps the best part of the outing was the food. Gotta love chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. I want to say we had a good time, but really, I hated every second of having to discuss my reproductive life with strangers. The art was nice, but I think it will be a few years before we return - maybe when the kids can walk and we can pass through the crowd anonymously.


  1. Approval? I have to wait for approval??

  2. Honestly, if they weren't so rediculously cute! Main Street?!? oh, don't make me sing the Sandy Cheeks home to Texas song, you know I will!
    BTW, the next time you're there, can you pick me up a piece of "art" that is a circle type v-ah-ASS that looks like my kids broke the top? It will fit right in with my humble collection.

    Thanks, as always...

  3. Ever since some random Asian porn site posted a comment on the blog, we put the approval in action. I do try to keep it clean. Hahahahaha.