Thursday, April 8, 2010

Opening Day

Today was the first Opening Day Bob has missed in something like 20 years. I'm pretty sure that a little piece of his heart died today as he drove to New Mexico for his appointment tomorrow. The boys are much too little to actually go to the games as of yet. Bob has repeatedly emphasized that a boy's first trip to the ballpark must be memorable - it's something he will remember his entire life. Despite this banishment from the park, the boys and I pulled up in front of the tube and watched the game. The first part of the game we spent eating lunch in the kitchen, but from the sound of things it was a pretty good thing that we weren't watching too closely. As Daddy drove, he listened to the game on XM, so we kept in touch (depending on whether or not he was in an area that got a signal). After lunch, we made it back in time to watch the Rangers tie things up.

All that excitement prompted the boys to take a play break, but we were really disappointed when the Blue Jays took the lead.

Ryan spent most of the game glued to the TV. He is his father's son. We were all very excited when the Rangers won the game. I've been trying to teach the boys to say baseball so that their Daddy will be impressed when he comes home, but we might just have to settle for bababababa.

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