Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the Hunt

Our Easter holiday kicked off on Thursday afternoon when Aunt Faith helped us decorate eggs. She made an egg for everyone in the family and decorated them with stickers. She's got definite egg decor skills.
On Saturday morning, we headed to church for our first egg hunt. (Or egg sit as the case may be). The boys wore their bunny ears from Aunt Mel. Ryan preferred to chew on his, but Michael and James humored Mommy with a picture.
Quinn, Chloe, and Eric met us at church. There was a tasty breakfast (James is using the table cloth to get closer to Daddy's orange juice cup), an egg carton to decorate (Quinn & Chloe did an excellent job decorating a carton for each of the boys), an Easter story play, and the hunt!
Michael hangs with the Gabriels while we all wait for the main event. Our church did the coolest thing - they had the kids collect numbered eggs. It made for a much nicer event - no egg bullies.
Michael finds the "precious."
Yea! The precious is open!
James gets in on the egg chewing action.
Ryan dumps all of his eggs out so he can see them better.
James tries to guess what's inside his egg.
The boys enjoy their eggs which were graciously collected for them by some of the wonderful youth that Bob and I get to teach.
Although he helped hide the eggs, Jason has difficulty finding a number 12. He settled on a 3 because he worked 4x harder than any of the kids looking for it. (One of the little kids brought him a 12 a couple of minutes later). Despite his troubles, we still appreciated his hard work finding eggs for the kids (I certainly wasn't looking forward to hunting eggs for three kids).
The boys enjoy the grass, the weather, and the eggs. Ryan spent most of his time finding things to put in his mouth - bark, leaves, grass, etc.
Ryan finds something tasty on the ground.
Michael enjoys dumping the eggs out of his basket.
Ryan decides he'd like to have Michael's basket.
Quinn and Chloe enjoy posing for a picture with James. It was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all.

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