Sunday, April 4, 2010

Captain Towel Head Takes Charge

When Bob's home, bath time is so much more fun. He loves to teach the boys great tricks like how to splash and how to make it rain. The kids are huge fans of bath time, but due to their mother's tendency to succumb to exhaustion, they don't get to bathe as often as they should. While we have two parents at home, I try to up the bath times to every other day rather than when I feel like it.
Michael is on the receiving end of Daddy's "rainstorm."
Sharing tasty toys. The red ring Michael is holding is on high rotation between the boys (i.e. it gets stolen pretty often).
James taking a bite out of crab.
Michael successfully secures the red ring.
Ryan enjoying a tasty panda head.
Post-bath in their new jammies from Grandma Newhouse.
Slapping the leather cushions makes a great noise.
Daddy takes the boys to bed in style.

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