Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Blessings

The Newhouse Family poses for a picture at church on Easter. Thanks Moore Family for taking our pic. By the time we took pictures, the boys had lost their shoes and hats and were pretty grumpy with Mommy for forgetting their pacifiers at home.
Dressed for church, the boys eagerly anticipate their baskets which the Easter Bunny left on the highest counter in the house to protect their contents from Duke. (Duke had previously sniffed out the chocolate bunnies in the upstairs closet and maimed one, so the Bunny had to be extra careful).
The baskets arrive and the boys are ready to check it out, especially James. I had to move his basket out of reach in order to get this picture.
James looks like he should be in some wacky comedy from 1920.
Ryan attempts to pull the head off of his pinwheel - he has perfected this action. Now he likes to throw the pinwheel part on the ground and try and give himself a tonsillectomy with the stick.
Michael loses his hat and finds his pinwheel.
James checkin' out the goodies up close and personal.
Ryan studies his basket while Michael continues to talk to his pinwheel.
Mommy and her handsome boys - her best Easter Blessings!
After church, we did a video chat with Grandma & Grandpa Newhouse. Michael eagerly anticipates his turn to talk. The boys don't wave bye-bye, but they do wave hello.
James and Mommy. At church, I started stealing his pacifier, and he would laugh, grab it, and put it back in his mouth. Pretty fun game.
James & Michael talk to the grandparents.
Daddy's boys. The kids love to sit on Daddy's lap. They really miss him when he's not home, but we talk about and to Daddy all the time. This morning, Bob called and I put him on speakerphone. As soon as Ryan heard his voice, he said "DaDa" and clapped his hands. It made his mommy tear up just a little. Come home soon Daddy, there are poopy diapers and love awaiting you.

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