Friday, March 26, 2010

Eating For Three

In the last month or so, the boys have started eating all kinds of things, and in the last week, I've gone to three meals a day rather than two meals and two bottles. They love weenies and string cheese. They really like avocados, mango, bananas, strawberries, roast beef lunchmeat, scrambled eggs, and all kinds of things they can pick up and shove into their mouths. Until recently, I haven't fed the boys any prunes, but with all the cheese they've been eating, I thought it might be smart to balance it with a little bit of the brown sludge. They LOVE prunes. Absolutely love them. James starts to squeal with delight when he gets his first bite. It's pretty funny. Another food change that is happening in our house is the removal of carrots from their diet. I have unfortunately turned my children ORANGE. I mixed the spinach, which is their favorite green, with carrots for substance. I forgot about the hidden carrots, and I fed them other baby food with lots of carrots (there is a surprisingly large amount of carrots in all kinds of baby foods - even Mac & Cheese). Recently, I noticed that their little noses were orange. (Mom said that she noticed it a while ago but didn't say anything - how she could let me turn her grandkids orange and not comment while we had time to discuss the sorrows of Sandra Bullock's life, I have no idea). Thus in order to return my children to a normal shade of white, we have eliminated all carrots from our diets. The kids wear a lot of their food, and today, they decorated themselves with prunes in very amusing ways.
James sporting a dashing prune goatee.
Michael should have been a silent movie star with this jaunty prune mustache.
Indian ladies watch out! Ryan can sport a dot with the best of you.
Playing in baby jail with Aunt Faith. The boys LOVE it when Aunt Faith comes home from school to play with them. She's definitely one of their favorite people. Tonight, we started a new tradition. Dr. G told us that it's time to start brushing our teeth, so while I was at the store, I got the kids toothbrushes and toothpaste.
James using the wrong end of the brush, but I couldn't get too upset since he doesn't have any teeth.
Michael is serious about dental hygiene.
Ryan thinks brushing is fun.
Mommy and her captive audience. I now know why they say you shouldn't wear horizontal stripes, but oh well, such is life.

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