Thursday, March 25, 2010

To the Nines!

James, Michael, & Ryan are NINE MONTHS OLD! On Wednesday, we had a very busy nine-month birthday. We started the morning with our photo shoot. By far, this month's photo shoot was the most difficult. The boys were all over the place, and I don't know how much longer they are going to cooperate with Mommy's need to chronicle their lives in photographs.
Young Sir James is 21.5 lbs and 29 inches. He's growing like a weed - three inches in three months. Today, he started pulling himself up on the baby jail, the stairs, and anywhere else he could find to get vertical. He has been spitting like a madman, so I started asking him what he thinks of the Yankees - Bob loves that one.
Michael "The Love Bug" Newhouse is 30 inches tall and 22.5 lbs. He is absolutely adorable despite the fact that he refuses to take naps. Michael gives good kisses (sometimes with teeth) and hugs. He has been somewhat clingy lately, but that's okay with his mommy. This week he went to Grandma's house while I went shopping. He wasn't very happy with me when I returned. Every time I left the room, he started to cry. Tomorrow he's going to Grandma's again, and hopefully he'll do a little better this time, or I might not be able to live with the guilt. He does just fine with Grandma at his house, and in fact, while I was at the grocery store today, he started pulling up and walking around baby jail only holding on with one hand (of course he didn't perform for me, but I hear he's quite the walker).
Ryan is exceedingly entertaining. He makes me laugh all day long. Today, during breakfast, he ended up with a glob of prunes on his forehead that made him look like an Indian woman. Cracked me up. He is exactly the same size as Michael, and both of them are 90-95% for height and 75% for weight. He is also pulling himself up and standing, but no walking yet. He is learning to use his teeth. Today, he bit James on the elbow so hard that poor little James did the Edvard Munch Scream. Hopefully we can curb the biting (Michael bit me on the boob today - ouch!), and return to kisses without teeth.
Ryan shows Michael the consequences of messing with the big guy.
Michael encourages James to be a silent witness to these shenanigans.
After our trip to the doctor, we went to the airport to pick up Momo. We made quite a stir with the boys in their ties and hats. (Of course, we normally make a stir but this was worse, and since I was with Mom instead of Bob, she didn't let me hide in the corner, we had to sit out where everyone and their dog could come by and admire the kids - I guess it's a grandma's privilege). At one point, an entire family of Indian people came to admire the kids. One lady asked if she could take a picture (I begrudgingly said yes - if Bob catches wind of this, he'll murder me), and it was like I was surrounded by a group of Japanese tourists in front of the Mona Lisa. One lady came by who had 7 month old twins, and after she left the airport, she came back to ask me where I got the kids outfits. It made me feel good that they were such sharply dressed men. Their Grandpa Robin would have loved that (especially if we got them fake beards to go with their sunglasses in true ZZTop style). Bob sent a picture of the kids to a friend of his who accused us of dressing the kids like Justin Timberlake. Bob said that next time we take them out like that we should play Sexy Back (sexyback?).
James eagerly awaits Momo's arrival.
Michael can't wait either!
Ryan's can't wait for her to get there. He even has bells.

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