Monday, March 22, 2010

Miss Alie - Queen of Pink

On the way home from Louisiana to Nebraska, Loribeth and Andrew brought Alie to see the boys. I meant to take a ton of pictures, but with all the passing of babies and the fact that our guys go to bed around 7 pm, we didn't get very many. I did get a few good pics of Alie enjoying the boys' toys. She's a tiny little thing, and Bob and I felt like she was a feather compared to our big guys. I think she and James look a little bit alike, and they did try to steal each other's pacifiers, so I feel as though their first meeting as cousins was successful. After hanging out in the nursery at church for a while, I found out that our boys are somewhat different than your average only/singleton child. Our guys roll around on the floor, steal toys, smack each other in the head, climb on top of each other, and don't seem to notice. Regular kids just sit in one place and play with their toys, our guys have absolutely no concept of personal space.
You can tell that Alie is the princess of her parents' world, and she is absolutely adorable. Sometimes I wish that Bob and I were able to hover over our kids like Loribeth and Andrew are able to with Alie. As I observe parents of singletons, I feel bad for our boys that Bob and I aren't able to treat them as the second coming - I feel like they are, but it's just impossible to manifest it. I spend most of my day sitting in the middle of a pile of kids trying to give each of them the attention that they need, but usually they are crawling on top of each other and holding onto my hair with iron fists. I think that since it's all they know, it'll be fine in the end, but I really do hope my boys know how special and unique each of them are as individuals.
Alie is so much smaller than our guys, and I'm pretty sure there isn't a pink thing created that she doesn't own (much like her mom and grandma). She really enjoyed riding in the jeep - I'm sure that if there is a pink one, she'll own it sooner or later. Loribeth has just started feeding her real food, and she had her first Mum-Mum at our place. Our guys LOVE Mum-Mums (or crackers as we call them). I started ordering them off of Amazon so that I could get them in bulk.
This is as close as James and Alie could get otherwise the pacifiers started flying and the hands started grabbing (and Alie is no match for James in the grab and go department).

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