Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Week at Home

I pretty much spent the month of February on the road. These past 2 days were my first entire weekend off since the end of January. Being employed is a good thing. Being busy is a good thing. Taking the time to enjoy a week at home is a good thing as well.

Even though the week consisted of some long work days I have really enjoyed being at home with Angela and the boys. They are just so happy that even when they are fussy it doesn't seem all that hard to get them to smile again.

I have to admit that working in the house has some perks and certain things are just plain good for the ego. One of the work days this week Ryan was going a bit crazy. When I got to a stopping point I'd come out to see if I could help, every time I came around the corner he stopped crying and started smiling. There isn't too much that feels better than that.

It's pretty cool to be able to act silly and have 3 kids just eat it all up.

The last couple days of this week the weather has just been brilliant. Friday Night I got a bug that I knew was silly. I knew that doing it on a Saturday was ridiculous. I knew that doing this with 8 month olds was stupid. I knew that taking triplets was just asking for a painful afternoon. I didn't care. I wanted to take the boys to the zoo.

So, we did.

The boys were much more interested in everyone around them than they were the animals and oh boy did we get a lot of attention. I still haven't got used to everyone talking about us and pointing as we walk by. I hear it all, I pretend not to but I do. I hear every single, oh my gosh, I'm glad it's not me. Every single, mommy look at that! And yes, I hear the, "you are so blessed" as well.

We ran into another family with triplets at the zoo. They pointed out to us what we already knew, we should have put them in two different strollers to ward off some of the attention but it sure was nice to talk to people who are in our shoes.

We got papparazi'd a few times. At one point Angela stepped between the camera guy and the boys. She said to me, now he has a picture of my butt.

Nobody means to be rude but gosh it sure comes off that way. Plus, in this day and age I'm just not comfortable with people taking pictures of my boys. You just never know where the picture will end up. I had one guy ask if he could take a picture, I gave him a crappy look and he said, I just want a picture of the stroller for my brother. I promise I won't do anything else with the picture. I said, ok, that's fine.

The stroller is pretty impressive. It cracked me up that almost every dad at the zoo commented on the stroller.

At the end of the day, I was very happy that we went and the boys did seem to enjoy 3 or 4 hours in the nice weather. I'm glad we did it when it was 70 degrees rather than in a couple months when it will be 100 degrees.

Tomorrow I head to New Mexico for a week of sales calls. It isn't getting any easier to leave the boys on me or Angela but I am trying to enjoy the time I do have here. I need to get better at helping Angela out when I can, getting her out of the house and things like that but I'm trying.

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