Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Outta Three Ain't Bad

Lately, this has been my mantra. With Bob on the road and the boys getting more active, I've kind of gone into survival mode. You might have noticed that I don't have time to do fun things like blog posts. I'm barely finding time to clean bottles and high chair trays. The boys are doing great. They are always on the move. They scoot around the house like little green berets about to do battle with my computer cord and any and all forbidden zones. We've moved the play yard Lainie & John lent us downstairs, and the boys and I hang out in there for a large portion of our day. The boys have been pretty great sleepers for a while, but we are still working on those naps. I just don't seem to have the energy to listen to screaming, so in the morning whoever is fussy first, I rock to sleep then the next kid, then the last kid (inevitably Michael - who apparently needs only 10 minutes of sleep at a time). If I'm lucky, all three will sleep for twenty minutes or so, and I can go pee and grab some lunch - the two minute hot pocket isn't so bad. Before you can blink, they are back up and ready for lunch. The after lunch nap goes about the same as the before lunch nap. I know I should put them upstairs and listen to them scream, but I just can't handle it. Maybe it's time to try again, but the last time I tried, I think Ryan screamed for 45 minutes straight before I caved. We have had lots of fun both at home and out and about lately. It's getting easier to get the boys out, but it still takes an act of Congress to get me in the mood to put forth the effort to leave the house. A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I took the boys to the zoo. Here are a couple of cute pictures of the boys enjoying looking at the people and animals.
James is fascinated with the fish tank in the Australia section - it's much bigger than our 55 gallon tank at home and so are the fish!
Michael checks out the parakeets flying around our heads in the bird house. Maybe next time we go, we'll buy the feeding sticks and get up close and personal with the birdies.
Ryan chillin' in the stroller and checking out the animals (especially the human ones).
Two nappers. Ah, if only there were three.
Ryan and James hanging out on the couch. These two monkeys seem to get into trouble together the most. Mikey likes to do his own thing (which is currently talking to his feet) most of the time, although he's always good for poking at eyes and pulling hair when called upon.
James in the toy basket while Ryan tries to climb in as well.
James, Michael, and Ryan playing on the floor with their toys. Their favorite thing to do lately is dump the basket over and pull out all of the toys one by one, fighting over each newly discovered treasure.
Michael shows Ryan who's the boss.
The boys in baby jail.

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