Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Return of Neighbor Bob

The first trip I ever took with Bob was to the lake in Austin to hang out with his friends. Jeff, Connie, Wendy, Laura, Diane, Julie, Cousin Kelly and the whole gang introduced me to a guy I hadn't met yet - Neighbor Bob. My most vivid memory of that weekend was Connie grabbing Bob's package and Bob asking for a chance to think happy thoughts and give it another go. It was a surprising new side of Bob, and I had a great time hanging out with the girls and Jeff. The guys from our old neighborhood are a ton of fun. I learned that to keep up with this crew on the drinks is almost impossible, and that to attempt to is a hangover waiting to happen. Since that first weekend, our lives have gone in different directions. Diane is married and living in Virginia, Wendy & Laura are in Houston, and Connie & Jeff no longer live across the street (one of the things I miss most about the old 'hood). So, last weekend, when we had a chance to see everyone again at the Chili Cook Off, Bob and I loaded up the guys and headed to the lake. The boys and their stroller were a big hit, and we found a nice spot to lay out a blanket and let the kids enjoy the day. (I did learn that one of the essentials in the summer diaper bag is the baby sunscreen).
Ryan loved hanging off of the blanket trying to eat leaves and grass. Bob swears that boys need a little dirt in their system to be true men, but I think Ryan was trying to go overboard.
Michael and Diane chilling on the blanket. I was impressed that the kids left their hats and shades on for the majority of the time. Usually you have to fight with them to keep them on, but I guess they appreciated the shade.
James enjoys chewing on that elusive frog that hangs in front of him on his car seat. I bet this kid has been dying to take a gum to that frog (maybe one day he'll get a tooth - Ryan has 6, Michael 4, and James still toothless).

Diane's little guy - Adam - wakes up and joins the crowd. He wasn't very into hanging out with such babies, but he did enjoy eating an orange and was truly happy hanging out with Wendy.
Wendy does double duty. I'm pretty sure that she's got Michael and Ryan, but the hats and matching clothes makes it tough to be sure.
Definitely Ryan and someone. :)
Jeff and Ryan having too much fun. Bob's male compadre in a crowd full of women. Jeff is the king of 80s hair bands, and he's definitely showing off his grandpa skills.

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