Saturday, January 2, 2010

All Hands on Deck

With the holidays in full swing, our house has been quite a hub of activity. The boys are definitely a draw, and Bob and I enjoy having lots of family around. With all of the helpers that are around, I feel somewhat useless. Bob and I are so used to getting things done together, that we have a pretty effective system. Lately, there have been days when I haven't fed one of the trio, and it freaks me out. We are definitely grateful for all the help, but it's just weird not to have to do everything ourselves. We are starting to get spoiled. Right now, Kathy is feeding the boys and I'm sitting on the couch - how crazy is that!
James gets a bath-time hello from Ryan.
Not only do we have lots of help at feeding time, bath time has become an event. Usually I wash while Bob dries, diapers, and comes to pick up the next kid. Then I lotion the boys up, Bob puts their jammies on, and we throw them upstairs in their beds for the night. With so many volunteers, I hand off each kid to a different person who dries, diapers, lotions, and clothes the kid. Also, there is rocking to sleep and cuddle time post-bath. I wonder if the boys are getting used to all this attention. Pretty soon, they will return to napping in their swings, going to bed right after bath time, and being patient during feeding time.
Michael enjoys the new bath toys while getting a scrub down from mom.
Ryan, kicked back in his bath ring. Unfortunately, the bath rings don't stick to the bottom of our tub due to the bumps on the bottom made to keep people from slipping. The boys all like to push off of each other and the sides of the tub. The other day, James managed to flip himself over and took a trip to the bottom of the tub. I wish I could say he won't do that again, but I'm pretty sure that he did not learn much from his bath time face plant.
A couple of days ago, the boys got a package from Uncle Stephen with these Baylor Bears shirts. Already, our boys are aspiring to be college men (although I gave strict instructions that they should attend state schools within the confines of the state in which we live - no private school/out of state tuition when Mom and Dad go from 0 to 3 kids in college).

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  1. your boys are beautiful! and don't even fret not doing "everything!" it'd be impossible.

    we love bath time around here, too. i recently posted a video of what bathtime looked like last Christmas (08). it's so cute right now. wonder what the future holds?!

    great blog! happy new year...