Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Claus Host Christmas

Christmas morning was a pretty cool experience for Bob and I. We've never been able to play the part of the man in the red suit before, and we LOVED it. Considering the boys will never remember it, we went completely nuts, but it was just so much fun. Santa brought the boys their first rides - fittingly a trio of jeeps. They have really started to master the art of bumper cars in the kitchen, but the carpet is still a little challenging. I have no doubt that they'll master that soon enough.
Susan and John Paul made the trip to spend the day with us, and the Newhouse family does Christmas a little different than my family. Bob's clan goes one by one and opens one gift while my family falls on the gifts like rabid dogs. It's a neat tradition, but somehow I don't see it lasting in the coming years - especially the part of the tradition that dictates the youngest goes first. James is NOT going to like that one.
The boys got Dodger bibs from Grandma and Grandpa Newhouse, and cool shades from Mom and Dad.
They also got a jingle pig.
This year, since the boys are too little to really know what was going on, and Christmas lasted for several hours, whoever was holding the boys helped them open their gifts. Grandma and Grandpa really enjoyed watching the boys play with their toys.
Mikey hangs out in the dinosaur ball pit from Mom and Dad. Mom is already regretting the fact that said pit does not really contain said balls. As they roll all over the house, I seem to spend a lot of time gathering them up and putting them back in the pit. Thankfully, the dragon zips up when not in use and the bumpo makes a great seat amongst the balls.
Ryan, true to form, loves his new stuffed pooch. This dog stays still while the boys lounge about upon him.
James riding in style in his Jeep.
James and Grandpa play in the ball pit.
The Newhouse men head outside to enjoy the snow and fry the Christmas turkey.


  1. i love all your pics! looks like yall had a great Christmas with the boys. Garrett got the dinosaur ball pit last year and we loved it. we, too, did the bumbo chair in it, and it worked great. hope to see yall soon!

  2. aw cute! my boys have those same sweaters as in the last picture. i guess lots of BBBs do, eh?