Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Last Friday, after seven weeks of life in the Camry, the Suburban made a return to the driveway. This enabled the family to go out and select a Christmas tree from the lot where we've gotten our tree from for the last few years. An old employee of Dennis' works at the lot, and he always remembers what type of tree we get. After a tour of the lot, we selected this beauty and were all set to take it home with us. Unfortunately, someone bought the tree just minutes before we did, and they had to find us another tree in the back. The new tree was just as nice, if not nicer, and the price was discounted due to the mix-up. It was a cold night, and the boys were way past their feeding time (due to a seriously SLOW waiter at Chili's on 377 - we will never go back there). Despite the challenges, the boys did great, and if nothing else, we've got a couple of pictures to commemorate their first Christmas tree.
By the next afternoon, we had rescued all of the Christmas gear from the attic and had put the lights on the tree. Bob hung the ceremonial first ornament - the bobble head dog that looks like Duke (this was a bone of contention on our first Christmas together - I now know that the Duke ornament goes on first, and Bob knows that you have to have good Christmas music in order to have a pleasant tree decorating - ah, the compromises of marriage).
The boys were asleep for the majority of the decorating. Only Ryan stuck it out for the decorating party, and he got to be Ranger Santa while he hung out in the jumparoo.
All of the boys got to hang their first ornaments. I've decided to get each of the kids an ornament each year. This year, I made the ornaments based on an idea I stole off of Etsy. Tragically, I was hoping to make the ornaments cheaper, but ended up spending more money. I justify it by saying that it is more special having been made by my own two crafty hands. Michael was a little sleepy but still managed to find a good place for his ornament.
Ryan was more interested in checking out how his fist tasted than hanging his ornament, but together we got the job done. In more exciting news, Ryan has cut his first tooth. It's on the bottom left. Bob and I were really shocked that at 5 1/2 months he's already a betoothed young man. It makes me grateful that I don't breastfeed.
James, as our most type A child, picked the perfect spot and directed me to hang his ornament exactly there. Of course, I had to interpret his wishes through the pacifier. Maybe I'll turn his pacifier into an ornament next year (of course he'll probably be five and keeping it in his pocket at kindergarten before I manage to separate him from it). This year, we passed on doing the outside lights, I haven't gotten the energy up to hang the garland on the banisters, and I have put out minimal Christmas knick-nacks (only the nativity sets and Bob's Bumble). I guess it's all the clutter that is getting to me. The boys have so many toys and contraptions all over the house and our previously roomy home has become much smaller. I don't know how people with triplets do it in an apartment or small house. Everyone assures me that we've only just begun to see the end of our carpet and judging from the Santa gifts that are hidden upstairs, Bob and I plan on contributing to the continuation of clutter. I guess I should just give it up and enjoy the chaos.

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