Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Half Birthday To You!

On Christmas Eve, our little men turned six months old. We took their picture early in the morning before our Christmas festivities began. They wore their Christmas outfits all day, and Bob did a great job of protecting them from spit up and such. We were planning on making it to Christmas Eve church, but the "blizzard" stopped us from leaving our house.
At my mom & dad's we took a few family photos, and the boys spent most of the time sleeping through the presents. Only Ryan really seemed to enjoy the unwrapping (mostly trying to eat the paper), but before it was all over, James and Michael participated in the festivities.
That night, we took pictures in their Christmas jammies, and Ryan realized that he could slide in his new PJs. He enjoyed this very much, but made it slightly difficult to get a group shot where everyone was the same height.

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