Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!

On December 1st, Bob and I decided it was time for the boys to see Santa. We checked out the internet to see where the best mall Santa was. We ended up at North East Mall. In order to escape the long lines and gawking stares, we decided to go as soon as the mall opened. Other than going in the one non-stroller friendly entrance in the mall, it went pretty smoothly. We were the second family in line and the second set of triplets. The boys all seemed to take a shine to Santa (he sang them Christmas carols and bounced them on his knees to keep them happy). Other than the boys looking at me rather than at the camera, I think the picture turned out really well.
Not only did we need a Santa picture, we also needed a Christmas card picture. I wanted to do some professional pictures, but they really weren't in the budget, and I think we might be a wee bit scared of trying to get the boys to all interact properly with the camera and such with a line waiting behind us. Anyway, Bob and I embarked on a couple of days of photo taking. I tried a white-ish background and a black one. I think the picture that ended up on the Christmas card was one of the last ones we took. The boys really liked chewing on their stockings which made it tricky to get a picture where all three names were showing.
Bob LOVES this picture. It is a great picture of Ryan, but I think that Mikey looks a little sad (they spent most of the time screaming their lungs out). These are the kids' Christmas outfits. Sadly, they also wore them to my grandpa's funeral. Either way, I think they look pretty handsome in their red sweaters if not a little like tiny poindexter nerds.
We tried Christmas in a box, but it didn't really work. James was sitting on the other two guys laps, and Ryan was NOT happy with that.
Bob and I love this picture, too. It was a close runner up for the card, but the lack of a suitable background combined with a lack of photoshop skills pushed it to second place.
Serious faces all around while Bob served as the white background holder. The boys really enjoy being close together. Lately when I put them next to each other, they look at each other and smile and laugh. It's pretty cool to watch them recognize each other.

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