Monday, December 7, 2009

Aunt Suz Visits the Boys

This weekend, Bob's sister Susan came to visit with us. It'd been a while since we've seen her and her husband John Paul. JP is an avid hunter (Sue likes to sit in the deer blind and play her Nintendo DS), and thus they have been pretty occupied on the weekends. Bob was really excited that Sue was able to come (sometimes he gets overwhelmed by the constant presence of my side of the family and it's nice that he gets some time with his people).
Sue went with us to get our Christmas tree. She and James were very excited to see the pretty lights on the tree.
She was even brave enough to stay with the boys for a couple of hours while we went to church. After we got back, I think she realized that the only down time you get is when they all sleep at once (and that doesn't happen very often).
Aunt Sue has the special touch for putting fussy boys to sleep.
I'm pretty sure that Sue and Ryan share some DNA. They look a lot alike to me in this picture.

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