Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toes, Teeth, Tags, and the Tube

As the boys approach seven months old, they are getting more active and less sleepy. Bob and I are usually able to get two of the three to sleep at the same time during the day, but getting all three to sleep for any significant period of time is almost impossible. Today, they were all asleep for about 15 minutes. I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment, made lunch, went to the bathroom, and by the time my lunch was ready, one, two, and then three sets of eyes were open. Such is life with triplets, I guess.

The boys are getting more mobile - they roll around and James can do some kind of special ops roll and crawl thing to get across the room. Everyone is starting to sit up for a few minutes, but there are still lots of falls. Michael tries to lift himself up from laying on his back to sitting. It looks like the little guy is trying to do a crunch. All of the boys are obsessed with toes. Their toes, my toes, Bob's toes, each other's toes, toes of any sort. A couple of days ago, Ryan was in the walk around toy, he stopped at Bob's recliner and bit his toe. I still have a scab on my finger from his little razor tooth.

Speaking of teeth, Michael has joined the ranks of the toothful. About a week ago, he got both front bottom teeth. Ryan is starting to have a second tooth poke through his gums, but so far it hasn't fully broken through. James is still toothless, and his big mouth grin is so cute. He is currently admiring himself in the mirror and attempting to get up close and personal with the PS3 while he screams like a tiny veloceraptor.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing (besides toes) in the world of my children is the tag. Why enjoy the toy when you can chew on a tag. Michael is currently availing himself to the tag on his activity mat. Since we went to the Star Wars concert and the boys watched Jerry's big TV, they have started to notice our TV. James is by far the most tied to the TV. He will stop and watch almost anything - sports, the direcTV screensaver, Project Runway, etc. Bob and I have started to turn off the TV a little more often and spend more time hanging out on the floor with the boys.
James enjoying some quality TV time. We had to move the walk around thing so as to protect Daddy's entertainment system.
Daddy & Michael watch the Cowboy game. Even Michael thought the Cowboys were playing bad enough to merit a little adult beverage.
This face makes me happy. Sweet little Ryan takes a snooze with Daddy.
If only they could all stay this sweet forever.

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