Monday, January 25, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food

Today, Mom and I decided to try our hands at making baby food. I've been saving those little plastic tubs that Gerber food comes in for this very purpose, and it seemed to have worked pretty well. The true test comes tomorrow when I attempt to feed it to the boys.
James loves his toys, even when he sleeps.
James practices his horror movie scream.
Michael relaxing on the big chair.
The face of a happy boy. He probably just saw Duke (the boys are still in love with their pooch).
Ryan studying at the feet of the master. Playing video games with Daddy in the "cat-bird seat."
He's smiling, so that must mean he's winning the baseball video game.

1 comment:

  1. Angela & Bob,
    I'm so excited to hear about Bob's job. I have been hoping and praying for you all and it has finally come about.
    I so enjoy looking at the pictures of the boys and keeping up with their progress.
    Good luck to all five of you.
    Love U,
    Aunt Vera