Sunday, January 10, 2010

He Spits, He Snores

Grandma, the last of the holiday out-of-towners, flew home to Louisiana on Saturday. We had a fantastic time with her and all of our holiday company. It certainly made our lives easier to have so many extra hands around the house. Bob and I are having to readjust to being just the two of us again. Some things have been really nice, like lazing about in my sweat pants all day (whatever modicum of sexiness I ever possessed has definitely gone out of the window). The house has kind of deteriorated. There are so many toys in the living room that a normal human can not navigate through it, and the middle seat on the couch has become a storage location for all sorts of random crap.

The boys are certainly enjoying playing and doing all sorts of new things. Today, at Lainie's house, Ryan sat up for almost 5 minutes, Michael has been straining to sit up (when you lay him on his back, he tries to sit back up), and James managed to roll/scoot off of the safe zone and wrap the Christmas lights cord around his neck in record time.
One of my favorite things that James has learned lately, is how to blow raspberries. He finds them greatly amusing (when you do it, when he does it, when Ryan does it). He likes to rasp during diaper changes, while eating, while jumping in the jumper. It drives Bob nuts that he likes to spit while eating. I just crack up. No matter how many times he does it, I always find it amusing. I will probably regret it later, but for now, may the little monkey blow.
We have been eating all kinds of new foods. The boys have a great love for peas and green beans. They seem to like the mixed veggies with spinach, and we have finally worked our way into fruits (I talked to Christy today, and Jack is eating meat - which reportedly smells like dog food, so we may try and incorporate some protein soon - we've got to keep up with the Moores, haha). So far, the only fruit that we've experienced is the lovely banana. No one liked it at first, especially Michael. After a couple of days of bananas, we took a break, and when I tried them tonight, Michael didn't do the "bananas are completely disgusting" face. I had mixed emotions - glad he was enjoying his fruit but sad that the funny face has disappeared. I guess we'll just have to wait for the next thing he finds disgusting to get the yuck face.

Despite our somewhat uncertain circumstances, there are a few things that make me feel like life couldn't be better. One of them is the little diddies that my husband likes to sing (to the boys and to me). His latest chart topping hit is "shake the booty." I'm pretty sure that Beyonce may want to record it, but I don't think she could put the shake into it that Ryan does. Ryan also snores like an old man. Lately, I've heard strange noises on the monitor, and I'll go upstairs to check things out, only to find that Ry is sawing logs. For someone so small, he can certainly make some odd sounds.

Pretty soon, I fear that we will be the home of at least one crawling baby. James has recently (in the last couple of days) become mobile. He likes to scoot/roll all over the place. Yesterday, he was on a play mat near the fireplace and managed to get himself stuck when he encountered the couch. I can't express how much mobility frightens me. I know that in the end, I'd like for my children to actually be able to walk - I'm not excited by the thought of carrying my 13 year old around, but do the boys have to get mobile so soon? If you ask James, I think he'd probably say yes.

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  1. They're getting so big and so handsome! We have a similar "shake your booty" song :)

    (And yes... crawlers are frightening!)