Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mamaw Makes It to Haslet

Joe's mom, Mamaw, is in a nursing home in Burleson. She hasn't been able to see the boys based on the restrictions on kids in the nursing home, so when my parents brought her out to see their new place, we went over to see her. She was so excited to see the boys (Mamaw has always loved babies, and I must say we have three very cute ones). She couldn't hold them all on her lap at once because they've gotten so big and squirmy, but she did get to hold all three of the boys.
Mamaw & James pose for a picture. I love the face James is making (I think I've seen it a few times in my own mirror).
Michael and Mamaw are all smiles. Those dimples have been getting harder and harder to coax out. He loves to smile when he wants to, but Michael refuses to smile for cameras.
Ryan pegs Mamaw in the face and is pretty happy with himself. I couldn't believe he got her in the face, but the boys have all been grabbing our glasses for weeks now. They are getting pretty good at successfully removing them from our noses (I'm a little worried about broken glasses, but hopefully our glasses are triplet-proof).
The boys play around while Mamaw and crew look on. The boys are such good self-entertainers. They will lay under their playmats or jump in their jumpers for long stretches of time (which enables their mother to actually take a bathroom break every once in a while).

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