Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tummy Time

James enjoys tummy time the least. A couple of weeks ago, the boys would scream the entire time they spent on their stomachs, but lately, they have been able to handle it a little better. James used to just scream until you gave him his pacifier then fall asleep. Now he likes to reach for the toys and play with them (notice the pacifier is off to the side - a rare event in his world).
Michael is our best tummy time man since he can roll over on his tummy and oftentimes he can flip over onto his back as well (there are sometimes technical difficulties as he gets stuck in the legs of the activity mat). Lately, he has taken to sucking on two or three fingers. It's pretty cute and funny, but not so much when he takes those two or three slimy fingers and tries to grab your glasses.
Ryan has just started to roll over more. He was the first one to do it, but he didn't duplicate and went weeks between flips, and thus I did not count it. Just today, he started turning over repeatedly. He's no flipping fool like Michael, but he gets the job done. He absolutely refuses to take a pacifier anymore unless we are in church (and then he makes the loudest sucking noises you've ever heard in an attempt to get fed ahead of schedule), but he sure does love his thumb. I guess we've probably just begun that put it in your mouth phase, but I have to say that it's made the nights much easier to get through as they have their source of comfort readily accessible.

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