Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three Men in a Tub

The boys have recently moved from the sink in the kitchen to the big tub. They really like hanging out and splashing in the water. There are some benefits to this new system, and some drawbacks. The boys absolutely love splashing around, but I do worry about that bar in the middle of their seat emasculating them. It's nice to have all three of them cleaned up quickly, but I don't think I could bathe them like this without help. I lather them up, clean them, and pass them off to Bob to diaper and dress.
Instead of using the island in the kitchen to dress the boys, we threw them on our bed. It worked out pretty well, and the boys seemed to enjoy rolling around on the bed with Dad.
They are growing so fast. These PJs I was planning on saving for Christmas, but they barely fit into them now. Bob says that Ryan's are so tight that they look painted on. He had some other more colorful comments that are not good fodder for a public forum but were rather amusing.
While we were having picture time post bath, I tried to figure out a way to use the timer on the camera to get a family portrait. I was almost successful (note that James has only half a face).


  1. we had those same bath rings for our boys when they were that little, and i can promise you (now that they've outgrown them), they are ALL BOY. :D

  2. Seeing your boys always makes me smile!! Happy Thanksgiving!