Monday, November 2, 2009

Three Dog Night

Halloween is the first big holiday for the boys. (I don't count the 4th of July since 2/3 of our children were still in the NICU). We've been thinking about what to dress the boys as since we knew we were having triplets. Many ideas were tossed about, but in an impulsive move during a Target trip in early September, I decided it should be a Three Dog Night with the boys all decked out in their hot dogs. Bob finds this absolutely ridiculous, but I think it's funny.
Since I bought the dogs in early September, I got 3-6 month costumes. They barely fit. Next year, I'll have to plan better.
The tricked out triplet stroller drew quite a crowd. Bob is starting to get really irritated by all of the whispers and comments we get about the boys. In light of said admiration by strangers (he doesn't mind when it's people we know who admire the boys), he stayed home and passed out candy on Saturday. On Friday, we "Trunk or Treat"ed at church. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with everybody.
Ryan rode point on the tricked out triplet stroller. At Trunk or Treat, he wasn't very happy with his position and spent most of the night getting carted around by Mom & Dad. On Halloween, as we trick or treated with Aunt Faith, he loved being able to see everything. His head was on a swivel looking at all the people and lights.
Michael, as usual, held his own in the middle child position. He really enjoyed Trunk or Treat, but spent most of Halloween sleeping in the stroller.
James and his pacifier enjoyed Trunk or Treat, but they did not even crack an eyeball for Halloween night.
It's been a while since the Newhouse boys saw their BFF Jack, but they hooked up again at Trunk or Treat. Hopefully they'll get to see more of each other soon.
The dogs take to the Hayride courtesy of Zane. Ryan was NOT happy about the hayride at first, but as soon as the truck got moving, he settled down and enjoyed the ride.

Every year, I always carve a pumpkin, and this year, I had my main helper Faith to pick out the pattern (we have to go with the easy ones as I am limited in my skills). She and I carved the bat on Wednesday, then I carved a pumpkin for each boy on Thursday. Next year, I have a feeling that Dad may get involved in the carving.
Overall, it was a pretty good couple of days, but Bob and I are really looking forward to next year when the kids will be old enough to enjoy the pumpkin patch and trick or treating and all of the carnivals we skipped out on this year.


  1. LOL, my girls would go perfect with yours huh? ;) Great costumes!!!

  2. Oh I hope my girls don't see this post. Their parents were too lazy to take them trick-or-treating! The boys looked abolutely adorable! We almost put hot dog suits on our weenie dogs and dressed the girls up as mustard and ketchup! Maybe next year! :)