Monday, November 16, 2009

Horsin' Around

Last weekend was a pretty busy weekend for us. I worked the LCMOM garage sale, which was a lot of fun getting to know some of the ladies better. After bringing home 90% of what I brought (better luck next time), I headed home to help feed the boys then we made the trek to Weatherford to hang out with my buds Lain & John.
Mom & Faith came with us, and it was great to have them along. For the first time, we were hanging out with a group of people who had lots of little kids of their own, so our boys weren't really a novelty. Usually, when we walk in with the boys it takes about 5 minutes for all three of them to get snapped up, and I stand around wondering what to do with myself. Lain & John were being great hosts, but with so many people, it was hard to get more than a couple of minutes with them. Mom was a great extra pair of hands, and Faith was so excited to get a chance to ride one of Lain & John's horses. It was so great for her. She loved it. I couldn't believe how big Riley has gotten. He was having a blast and was driving a power-wheels jeep thing. I think that we will never have a power-wheels - way too much parent supervision needed for that toy.
The boys spent most of the night hanging out in the corner with Dad in John's recliner. Lain has redone her house, and it looks absolutely fantastic. I think I need to have her handy-woman friend come tell me how to decorate our house.
For the first time in a LOOOOONNNNGGG time, we got to see my cousin Amy. She's been working two jobs and going to school, so her time is very precious. She spent Friday night with us, and it was great to see her. Bob kept harassing her about how she made clicking noises at the boys. It made the boys laugh and gave Bob lots of opportunities to mock Amy. I keep trying to figure out if Ryan has red hair. I made Amy hold her head next to his, but I still can't tell. If you look at Ryan's eyebrows, they definitely look red, but the hair on his head is hard to tell. James definitely is our blonde, Mikey is a brunette, so that just leaves my little RyRy as the mystery man.

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