Sunday, November 15, 2009

A House With No Guests

A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I realized that we have not had much time alone in our house. In January, February, and March, my cousin Amy stayed with us while she looked for a job and an apartment. In April, I went into the hospital and did not emerge until the end of June. When I came home, Bob's parents were with us, and Kathy was a life-saver and stayed until the middle of September. A week after Jim & Kathy went home to California, my parents sold their house in Arlington and moved in with us. This evening, my mom and Faith loaded up a good portion of their stuff and headed the two miles down the road to their new place. Feels kinda weird that we are all alone in our house with the boys - at least until the holidays begin.

A couple of days ago, Bob had the idea to put the boys on his lap and let them interact while we took pictures. I think we got some gems.

Ryan and Michael hamming it up for the camera.
Michael is going for James' throat - watch out Ryan, you're next!
Nothing like a little brotherly love to make a boy smile.
Our main ham, Michael, doing some kind of strange leg - mount of his brother. Ryan tries it out on the other side, but is nowhere near as successful.
Serious faces from Ryan and James.

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