Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Average Day

Lately, the boys and I have found a new routine. When Bob is in town, he does breakfast with the kids - he likes the one on three daddy time with a grandpa assist, so I get to sleep in when he's home. When he's out of town, the kids and I get up around 8, they eat breakfast around 8:30, and by 9, they are making a bee-line for my bed to watch TV. We usually watch one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or Little Bear before returning to the living room to play with toys and read books.
Occasionally, we make the effort to go out and about. Usually, our best outings occur when we have a 1:1 ratio, so Kathy & I enlist Mom, and the three of us go out on the town to exiting places like Costco, Target, Ross Dress For Less, and Sam's Club while Aunt Faith goes to school. On our last trip to Ross, I found these hats for the boys. Ryan loves to wear his, James will wear it if the mood strikes him, and Michael continuously rips his off of his head. The kids rode around Ross with them on, and I couldn't leave them behind.
We eat lunch anywhere between 11 am and noon depending on how grumpy the young men are. Nap time is from around one to four. I really need nap time to recharge my chasing batteries, but by four, I'm ready for the little guys to get up and play. They do great when we are out and about. They might nap in the car for a bit, but if they miss out on the big nap one day, we have to make sure they get it on the next day or extreme grumpiness ensues.
After nap time, we have a drink and a snack, and then if the weather is nice and the poop is picked up, we go outside to play (while Bob and Jim were out of town last time, Kathy & I tried to scoop while the boys played - let's just say that Ryan found himself a squishy snack - twice). The kids absolutely love to go outside. James has found a patch of dirt in the back corner of the yard and loves to squish his toes in it when it's muddy. James is by far our friendliest kid. He loves anyone his size and doesn't mind chasing them around to get a better look. Michael doesn't like to swing in the baby swings, but he absolutely loves swinging on the big "adult" swing on the swing set. He likes to watch his brothers swing higher and higher and will yell "wheeeeeee" as they soar through the air. Michael does like to slide, but he prefers for Mommy to sing "it's time to slide, it's time to slide" before he'll push off. Ryan is our busiest kid. He rarely sits down for a whole 22 minute episode of anything. Bob says that he literally bounces off of the walls. He is busy, that's for sure. He loves to play with the little people animals (as do his brothers), likes to dance around, and enjoys riding his horse (Bob has shown the boys parts of the movie The Black Stallion with the horse, and as soon as the boy makes it on to the horse, Ryan runs over and mounts his own stallion while watching the boy on TV ride his - smart kid, if you ask me).
All three of them are very, very active kids. They climb on anything that sits still for five seconds, they team up for tackling anyone brave enough to sit on the floor, they all love to read, and they are the best kids in the world. I am so lucky to be able to spend my days with these amazing little guys.

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