Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three for the Road

Since the boys started moving on their own, it's been harder and harder to get pictures of all three together. Generally, we only get a 3 for 1 shot when they are either sleepy or restrained. I'm not sure about Michael & Ryan, but in this picture James looks ready to pass out.
Here the boys are waiting for their high chairs at Mimi's. The lure of coloring on those place mats is just enticing. I can't believe how grown up they look sitting in the booth like this. I can just picture the three of them sitting in a booth ordering their own food. Time just seems to keep flying by. I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that they were tiny, helpless little babies who slept most of the day, and now they can tell you that they want more milk and want to color.
Breakfast time! We have definitely hit the picky toddler stage. I'm pretty sure James hasn't eaten meat in weeks despite my urging. When Michael doesn't like something, he just tosses it off the tray (or puts it on Ryan's tray), and Ryan will eat anything as long as he can dip it in some type of sauce. The other day, he ate an unnatural amount of mayo on a lettuce leaf.
This is the kids' favorite pass time. James and Ryan especially love to draw and color. Michael also likes to color for a bit, and all of them will crawl into their chairs on their own now.
I love Michael's hair in this picture. He constantly has his hands in his hair. I'm pretty sure that if we shaved him bald, he might die on the spot.
Here the boys pose with Grandma on her birthday. After she blew out her candles, Ryan and James made me relight the candles several times so they could "blow" them out. I think if we practice a little bit, they might actually blow out their own candles on their second birthday.
Since Bob has been home for two whole weeks, we decided to celebrate by taking a road trip to see Zach & Mandy in Houston. The boys did fantastic. They didn't sleep much, but we were able to make the entire drive without stopping. They are great travelers.
While we stayed at Uncle Zach & Aunt Mandy's house, the boys slept in a tent. We practiced at home first, and it was a wee bit traumatic for the boys and for Mommy. The first nap time was a chomp fest with Michael leading the fray. I snuck upstairs to watch them through the mesh in the top, and Michael was taking his blanket and attacking his brothers, covering their heads, and then biting them. He is the kind of guy that likes to keep the joke going even when it's only funny to him. By the time we got to Zach & Mandy's the kids did pretty well in the tent. They busted out on Saturday morning, so on Saturday night, we had to zip tie the zipper so that they would remain inside. Overall, it was a great road trip, and we had a blast.

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