Wednesday, March 23, 2011

James and the Giant Pacifier

James has always loved his pacifier. There are pictures of him clutching it for dear life from the day he was born, but we have done our best to limit his use of the offensive item to bedtime and nap time. Last week, the boys had a pretty wicked stomach virus (which they proceeded to give to everyone we know), and James was able to con his weak willed mother into giving him his pacifier more often. So, I guess we've taken one step forward then two steps back. Ah well, it gives me something to focus on other than the lack of Yo Gabba Gabba toys in stores.
One of James's favorite things to do is to climb up on the subwoofer and take a seat next to the TV. It doesn't seem to be a very effective way to watch TV, but to each his own. When he gets tired of sitting there, he will use his and his brothers' new favorite word - stuck.
James is an adventurer willing to take on wild mythical beasts. Or at least try and conquer the stuffed unicorn Daddy won for Aunt Faith at the fair.
James loves to jump on the trampoline. In fact, we went to a birthday party across the street a couple of weekends ago, and James spent most of his time in the bounce house with the big kids. It was pretty strange experience for me. Just watching James, I could tell that he really, really wanted those big kids to like him. The look of desperation searching for approval almost broke my heart. Luckily, those kids were very nice to him. I can see that in the future if some mentally incapacitated child picks on my kid, I might kill said child.
James ponders, "Should I be a fireman?" The kids have gotten really good at getting up and down on our bed pretty quickly. Occasionally, they might take a spill, but for the most part, they do a great job climbing.
Sheer ecstasy - mud between your toes. James loves to find the one corner of the yard that doesn't have grass and squish his little toes into the ground. He also likes to have his feet washed in the sink. In addition to squishy toes, our little imp likes to climb in the dog water bucket for a wee bath.
Chillin' in the Toy Story lawn chairs. The boys really enjoyed these chairs for a while, but I got tired of them lugging the chairs around and making me open them so that they could sit for two seconds before moving aforementioned chair again.
A happy face. James's hair has been getting thicker and thicker if not too much longer. I know that soon he might actually have shaggy hair like his brothers. Young MC JamesJames rocks the microphone. We've been able to play rock band a couple of times, but Ryan has decided that he wants to sing and play guitar thus wreaking havoc amongst the peace in our home. We have decided to put away the microphones until procuring a third mic to keep the peace.
As the boys are getting older, our bedtime and nap time rituals have changed slightly. Now they like to be tucked in. James puts his Brobee on the pillow, grabs his blanket and waits for me to pull up his big blanket. All of the kids like to read a book before bed, and James is currently reading a counting book with a fuzzy polar bear we inherited from the Kleins.
Tooth brushing is very important (when I remember) at our house. The boys love to lick the toothpaste off of the toothbrush. I'm not sure how much actual brushing is accomplished, but we do our best.
The boys have gotten so good with their table manners. Here James shows off his very nice manners. The kids do really well in restaurants although the volume of the mess is directly proportionate to their lack of appetite. We went out to lunch today, and let's just say that James's place looked like a cheerio tornado touched down.
Coloring/drawing/writing is very big at our house. We have designated all marking utensils remain at the table, so the kids will go to their high chairs and climb in ready to color. James loves, loves, loves to make and see circles made. He will give Grandma Kathy his pencil, then point to spots on his paper and then says "there." He expects Grandma to draw a circle in the designated location, and she happily obliges.
My tiny redneck sporting the jeans and nothing else look. I must say that you can't tell how skinny James is from this picture. Since the kids have been sick, they feel like half of their normal selves. I know it's probably only a pound that they've lost, but it sure does make a big difference in picking them up and toting them around.
My handsome young man watching TV. Little Bear, Yo Gabba Gabba, and music of any kind are still big hits around the house, but Daddy likes variety, so we've seen several movies and Muppet Shows lately since he's been home.
James sees the giant spoon and contemplates, "What shall I do with this large, shiny object?"
"Hmmm, it seems to fit nicely on my nose." I guess I've shown them the Yo Gabba Gabba with the cool trick of putting a spoon on your nose one too many times.

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