Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michael, Man of Beads

As they are getting older, each of the boys are exhibiting definite individual personality quirks. Michael LOVES to play games and to pester people. At dinner the other night, he pinched Kathy, she jumped and let out a little cry. Michael then proceeded to tease her for the next ten minutes. He gets a mischievous gleam in his eyes and goes for the gusto (much like an older Newhouse male who should probably remain nameless but contributed half of his DNA).
Taking full advantage of Aunt Faith's bed. Michael loves to laze about on the bed. He typically tries to lead one of us to my locked bedroom door in order to go relax on the bed for a bit. The door is locked because otherwise, we'd never get the kids out of our room.
Thanks to Amy, Michael occasionally likes to put things in his shirt and walk around with them. He will try to do it himself, but inevitably, I have to place it just so, in order to keep the item firmly in place while he walks around showing it off.
At Grandma & Papa Joe's house, Michael loves to jump on the trampoline. He did not approve of all of the people at the birthday party bouncing around and refused to even get near the bounce house much less get in it. Michael is somewhat shy and hates large crowds - even if it's a large crowd of ten kids.
Running wild through the backyard. Since the weather has warmed up, we usually head outside for a few minutes every day. It's gotten to the point that you can't say the word outside without following through or else three large wails will assail your ears. While outside, the kids entertain themselves in a variety of ways, but Michael's favorite is to sit on the big swing (he refuses to sit in his baby swing) and allow you to push him.
Here, Michael gives the much neglected Duke a pat. All dogs are "dukes," and this happens to be their favorite Duke. Depending on how much credit you give him, Michael's first word could have been Duke, but it happened so early that I'm not sure if it was just a fun sound to repeat or an actual word, so the jury's out.
The little drummer boy. The kids absolutely love this drum and all of the musical instruments we keep inside. I'm sure that as they get older, they'll still love music. Hopefully they will have more musical talent than their mother. I like to sing, but not many like to listen, and that is the extent of my musical ability.
Speaking of singers, Michael seems to know his way around this microphone. I believe that this microphone was stolen by Ryan then clunked Michael in the head as he tried to retrieve it thus promptly ending our family rock band night.
This picture I took with my new iPhone with flash. It's pretty cool, and I am hoping to get some higher quality pictures. The real camera seems to do a much better job (as it should), but that darn iPhone is so convenient that most of our pictures end up being taken by it.
Michael is happy to have good dental hygiene. I'm pretty sure that he enjoys rubbing the toothbrush on his swollen back molars more than the actual tooth brushing, but a mom will take what she can get.
Michael is most easily bored with coloring. He does like to do it and has branched out from drawing single lines across the page to full on scribbling, but he does tire of it much sooner than his brothers which leads to his writing implement and his paper being tossed to the ground in disgust.
Michael was the first of the kids to throw up this past week. He didn't feel good for quite a while. A day or two later, we thought he was fine, and we went out to eat at a restaurant with my grandma. Michael proceeded to throw up in his plate before the food came (James threw up afterwards and managed to get some puke in my pants pocket - oh the smells). Here he is looking pretty puny but very sweet.
King of beads. We did a little exploring with Daddy in the media room this week and found these old Mardi Gras beads in a basket of toys I used to keep for Faith. Michael loves these beads. He likes to put them all around his neck (sometimes several times with each strand making me very nervous). He is such a ham running around the house sporting his colorful Mr. T look.

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