Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stair Me Down

The boys have been going upstairs on their own for months now, but we've been working on going down for a while. In the mornings, the boys have pretty full diapers, and they aren't very interested in sliding down on their bottoms. After nap time is the best time to practice coming down on our own (assuming you can convince the kids to leave the play area upstairs). Ryan made it down before I was able to find the camera, he wasn't interested in hanging around the bottom of the stairs if he could get to his horse.
Michael refused to leave his book upstairs. He wouldn't let us take it downstairs for him either. James makes his way down slowly. We have completely ditched the pacifiers for Michael and Ryan, but James still holds fast to his. He is down to just pacifier time at nap time and bed time. He's been cheating a little and bringing it downstairs with him, but considering he's been obsessed with it since his birth, I feel we're doing okay.

Michael, King of the Stairs!

James, the caboose of the stair train.

Ryan, master of the stairs and his horse.
After a rousing climb down the stairs, the boys take an entertainment break on the couch with the parents before pulling all of the toys out and destroying the living room.
Ryan takes a minute to pose for a picture with Mommy. Getting Ryan to sit still for any length of time is pretty good. He's a boy with lots of things to do, there's not much time for sitting unless Little Bear is on.

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