Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are You Experienced?

Ever since my first date with Bob, I've learned a great deal about sports. A couple of years before we met, Bob and his dad got to go to the Super Bowl in Houston. I've never asked which was the bigger day in his life - our wedding or the Super Bowl (some questions are better left unanswered). One of the things he really liked about his SB experience was the fan fest, and since the SB was announced as coming to North Texas, Bob has been anticipating going to the fan fest. Tragically, with his new work schedule, he's lucky to get to spend two nights at home. Since he was unable to go to the NFL Experience, his parents, sister, and I took the kids to the big event in his honor.
We've had quite a case of sore hineys in our home lately, and all week, I was worried about wether or not the kids would be able to sit long enough to enjoy an outing. On Sunday, their bottoms were on the mend and most of the hideous diarrhea had passed, so we loaded up the kids and met Sue at the convention center in Dallas.
Grandma and Grandpa were ready for action as we lined up with the rest of the masses to enter the crush. I felt like there were a gazillion people there, but we tried to get the important stuff out of the way first, i.e. we went to the giant souvenir stand while the crowd was still thin.
After our souvenir purchasing, we let the boys pose for some pictures. Surprisingly, if you wanted your kid to be a Denver Bronco or even a Kansas City Chief, there was no line, but if you wanted to get a picture of a Cowboy - well, the lines were a bit ridiculous. Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Sue, and I attempted to streamline our picture approach, but I must admit I did feel a wee bit rushed and didn't necessarily get the best of pictures. Despite my quick trigger finger, Mr. James poses like a champ. I'm sure that one day his head will match his body.
Michael did okay for a while, but all the people, the noise, the restraining seat belt of the stroller caused him to have a bit of a meltdown. Despite his protests, we were able to get a picture. I'm pretty sure he's the first Cowboy to need a pacifier, though.
Ryan was a victim of my rushed attempts to get all of our pictures taken, but regardless, he was an excellent NFL Experience participant. He and James loved looking at all of the hub-bub. They loved the music and would dance in their stroller to the booming beats that caused our little Michael to want someone to hold him. All of the kids had a good time in the souvenir shop - running around, touching the luxurious fabrics (I assume that's what those t-shirts were made of considering the prices they were charging), and admiring the giant pink polkadot dog that was there for some reason.
Our boys are team players. I'm pretty sure that Miles Austin appreciates that Michael likes to touch hair of all kinds - even cardboard hair. I think the boys enjoyed themselves overall, and I am glad that we went. They were a little too young for the kids area, but I can see where if they were a couple of years older, they would have had a blast. I did learn that I hate being somewhere where there are so many people jockeying about to see and do the same things. It was like the area in front of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre but the crush of people was inescapable. Maybe one of the reasons I like those boring things like art and history is that no one is going to fight me for position to take his/her picture in front of the latest exhibit in the Kimball. After we decided to leave THE EXPERIENCE behind, we ate lunch in the West End. We ate at Gators, and all I have to say about that is we wont be going back, but getting to visit with Sue was nice.
After we arrived home, the boys modeled their Super Bowl shirts for Daddy. We took them off pretty quickly so that we can save them for the big day. We also got a shirt for Daddy which did not have the team names on it (Mommy figured that he would not appreciate a shirt that said Steelers and Super Bowl residing in his shirt drawer).
Michael got a small kids size shirt since they only had two styles of short sleeve 4T shirts. I'm not sure why they were selling so many long sleeve t-shirts in Texas. They might be warm for this week, but we live in a state where you turn you might randomly have to turn your air conditioner on in January. I do kind of feel conflicted that the kids have Super Bowl shirts now, but that they don't have Cowboys' shirts - it must be reflective of their recent season.
Ryan is distracted from trying to rip the tag off of the t-shirt by something on the TV. I'm sure he would have been more than willing to cut the tag off himself as he has recently had quite a run with the scissors. It seems like no matter where they are located, young Ryan can find and run with the sharp metal objects before you can blink. I think it might be time to re-babyproof the house. Those arms just keep getting longer.
A quick pose of all three kids on the couch with their shirts. Notice Michael rubbing his hair (see Miles Austin, hair is fantastic) and Ryan attempting to catch the tag and rip it off. Only James feels the need to spend some quality time with his milk. Now our boys are truly NFL Experienced.

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