Monday, January 31, 2011

Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Mommy's boys hanging out on the bed. Recently, the young gentlemen have discovered the joys of hanging out on the bed and watching TV. They like to run into the bedroom, climb into the bed (which is quite a feat considering Bob and I use footstools), grab a remote, kick back and relax.
Ryan makes his move and gets a prime position on the bed. Daddy better watch out - with all this traveling he's been doing, these boys are likely to claim his side of the bed as their own.
Success! Pull up the covers, lay back on the pillows, and turn on the YoYoYo - heaven.
Michael makes his move. There is a remote with his name on it. Also, the window above the bed probably needs to have the makeshift foam/cardboard/curtain thing pulled down in order to make Mommy's life more difficult.
James gets into the mix. He's the originator of the bench to bed method, but as usual, he was willing to teach his techniques to his fellow compadres.
Michael claims his spot on the bed. James better hurry, or he'll have to settle for the least favorable locale.
James gets waylaid by Grandma. Despite the fact that we like to watch TV, there is always time to monkey around on the bed.
Ryan takes a laugh break. Too much relaxing and TV makes for dull boys, and Ryan knows how to spice it up.
Naked Babies!!!! The post-bath ritual now involves time hanging out on the bed (any excuse for climbing, jumping around, and clicker commandeering is always taken). The covers are so warm and comfortable. Even though Mommy worries about someone peeing in her bed before all butts are properly covered, the level of tiny man cooperation is such a plus that she's willing to risk it.
More relaxing. The boys had to try out something new and very unusual - a made bed. Who knows how something so novel could happen. Must have been in preparation for a house showing.
Even in a made bed, James can figure out a way to charm his mommy into finding him some covers.
Ryan claims the spot closest to the TV. Location, location, location.
Michael feels that a fluffy pillow is where he is meant to lay. Now, where did he put that clicker?
James looking very grown up as he claims Mom's side of the bed. I guess he knows that the side furthest away from the door is the best spot on the bed.

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