Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

For Christmas, the boys and I got Bob Green Day Rock Band. Before the boys were born, Bob and I played a ton of Rock Band, but lately, we seem to have other things to do with our time. The other day, we attempted to play Rock Band with the kids. Let's just say that it was an experiment that won't be duplicated again soon. Ryan stole the microphone and gave us quite a show. James kept stealing Bob's guitar and refused to play with the "dummy" guitar we had for him. Michael did some great dancing and eventually commandeered the microphone from Ryan. All in all, it was a fun if challenging night. Aunt Faith was not impressed that the boys kept interrupting her song, but I'm sure we'll play again in the future without as much help.

The boys give us a good show. I'm pretty sure they have some rock star potential, but I expect them all to finish college and perhaps a graduate degree before wasting their time trying to break into the music biz.
Ryan sings us a song. He's got some serious microphone skills. I blame that 99 cent microphone, I succumbed to buying at Target (said microphone was also the cause of James trying to shout into the candle at church on Christmas Eve to hear his voice reverberate).
James will not be satisfied with that dumb red guitar. He will only take a guitar whose PS3 button lights up red. He knows when things work and when they don't. He'll even abandon his pacifier to let you know all about it.
Persuaded to try the drums instead of the guitar, James grabs a stick forcing Uncle Joseph to go all bongo on the drums.
Michael mans the mic. He is resplendent in his rock outfit and his moves are beyond compare. He likes to rock back and forth to the beat of all kinds of things including the rhythm of the books we read (his favorite is The Foot Book with Pajama Time coming in a close second).
Ryan shows Daddy all about how to use the whammy bar. He is an expert in all things guitar. He's got a powerful love of strumming Daddy's real guitars in the media room. I think he just likes the sound the guitar makes. Maybe he'll go all acoustic and James Taylor to make his Daddy crazy.
Drumming with gusto. James stole the drum sticks forcing Ryan and Uncle Joseph to freestyle. I think they look like they're having an excellent time.
When one is spent from all the dancing, singing, drumming, and guitaring, one should sit on the couch and gently strum. Maybe he'll be more George Harrison than James Taylor - his daddy could live with that one.

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