Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Men

Now that I'm a stay at home mom, the snow day is not quite the joyous thing it used to be. There's no sense in waiting up till all hours searching for your district to say closed as it scrolls across the bottom of the TV screen. I've never been one to enjoy being cold. I spent one Christmas at my Dad's in Virginia where I only went outside twice - from the airport to the house and back again. So when Bob wanted to take the boys outside to play in the snow, I balked, but I coated up the kids and sent them outside to play with Grandpa and Daddy. They had so much fun that I'm tempted to do it again (maybe).
Ryan with hat, mittens, snow pants (thanks Aunt Mandy & Uncle Zach), and a smile of sorts.
James looks apprehensive. The kids love going in the garage. I guess they are like the cat with her attempts to always try to get into the "forbidden zone." James does know all about going outside and putting on shoes, though. He loves his shoes so much that he cries when you take them off.
Michael ready for action with his trusty grandpa by his side. That boy LOVES his grandpa. I'm pretty sure he'd toss the rest of us out on our kiesters if he could get uninterrupted grandpa time.
Ryan tries to make his first snowball. I wonder who would teach him such things. Probably the same person who taught him to wrestle and count to three before declaring himself the winner.
James blocks the true perpetrator of snowball warfare. Note the ungloved hands. I'm pretty sure there was a request for gloves about ten seconds after this picture was taken.
James wonders why it's so cold and wet out. He kept trying to do things like get in his cozy coupe, but it was wet, get in the pool, but it was full of water. Hmmm, melting snow isn't as much fun as sunny days.
Michael checking out the snow and trying to figure out how to remove his mittens. He was successful and then had to return to the warmth of the indoors.
Daddy teaches more snowball lessons using Mommy as a target. Ryan found this lesson very informative. Tragically, the snowball became an ice rock pretty quickly.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys. They all look so happy. They are having a ride on their big airplane. They absolutely love this airplane, and I can't wait until they figure out how to teeter-totter on their own. It's very difficult to convince an 18 month old that he should sit on one side while his brother sits on the other to balance each other out. Instead they just all sit on one side of the plane and expect a ride.
Daddy does the hard work and makes it look easy. Nothing like three little angels sitting on a plane in the snow to warm a Mommy's heart.
Michael and his grandpa. He has taken to grabbing you by the hand and leading you around. He likes to make grandpa go to the garage. I guess he thinks that the outside fridge full of soda and gatorade is magical.
The pool has returned to its rightful place - empty of water, full of balls and boys. I think this is the best $15 I spent all summer. Who knew it would be the pool that keeps on giving. It's even a snow pool.
Michael picks up balls to put in the pool. The kids all love to jump into the balls. I think one day soon they might be ready for Chuck E Cheese, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that ball pit yet. Maybe after a few bottles of a nice Malbec.
Three of a kind - except one of these young men is missing his mittens. Hmph.
James enjoys snow, balls, and his pacifier - this is the life.
Michael monkeying around in the pool.
Ryan decides to protest the decision to go indoors by going limp. I guess I watched too many civil rights documentaries while I was pregnant if he already knows how to best to exert his will in non-violent, civil disobedience. Despite protests, those pants were way to wet to remain outdoors. I have to say the best kind of snow is the kind that comes over for an afternoon then makes its way somewhere else the next day, but I have a feeling my boys will be looking forward to another visit sometime soon.

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