Sunday, January 30, 2011

Color My World

For Christmas, Santa brought coloring books and colors in our stockings. Lately, we have been doing a little bit of art in our new books. The boys probably color the most at restaurants on menus (fyi - those crayons are great to dip in ketchup, & unlike a fry, you never have to eat the crayon). At home, they like to have at least two crayons each, and we color until either it's time to do something else or someone starts to snack on the crayon.
Michael examines this tasty looking crayola. It's washable, but it still leaves stains around your mouth. It must be time to take a break and get an edible snack.
James is probably our best colorer. He likes to make lots of lines on the same page and will take his time making sure there is enough color on every part of the paper that is deserving of color. Like with crackers, drumsticks, and little people, James must have one color for each hand.
Ryan finds coloring O so fun. He is a fan of coloring on multiple pages. He likes to switch it up and use different colors, but he's not so sure about loaning out those rejected colors to his brothers. He is the inventor of ketchup color (which makes his father extremely nervous), and he is fond of dropping the colors on the floor and waiting for someone who looks very much like his mother to retrieve them.
The boys take a post coloring break. The boys (especially Ryan and Michael) have become very attached to their blankets. I can usually con them into climbing up the stairs to go to bed with the lure of going to get their blankets. In addition to loving their blankets, these little men really like to watch TV lately. Their favorite show is still Yo Gabba Gabba which is chanted "YoYoYoYo" with vigorous arm waving. I've found YoYoYo a sure bribe to make the young gents leave behind the joys of the backyard and return to the warmth of our home.

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