Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surprises Galore at the Shower

On Saturday, April 18, my wonderful mother, GloGlo, and Lainie threw a fantastic shower for Bob, the Boys, and me. When we picked the date, we decided it would be best to hold the shower at our house since we weren't sure about my status in regards to bed rest (hereafter referred to as BR). Thankfully, it was a good plan as the doctor put me on BR on Tuesday afternoon and was hesitant to let me participate in a shower. Our Friday appointment went well and the shower was approved. Yippee. (Especially since I wasn't keen on canceling the day before).

It ended up being a busy weekend. My buddy Anne flew in from Oregon as a complete surprise. I couldn't believe it when she showed up at our door. It was so great to see her, since usually her trips this direction revolve around holidays where it's rough to see everyone. She and Lainie came over on Thursday afternoon prepared a ton of meals for us to freeze for when after the babies show up. It was so much fun. I had to sit at the table and keep my feet up, but it was just like old times making spaghetti in college. Thursday night, Zach and Mandy came in from Houston for their Celtic Women concert and the shower. I was so happy to see them as well since the last time we saw them was at Christmas. I think they were kind of shocked at how much I've grown since Christmas (when I wasn't even really showing much less the giant bellied woman that I am now). Friday, my grandparents drove in from Louisiana. I love seeing them and was so happy that they felt up to the trip. Saturday morning, my aunts on my dad's side drove in from Louisiana as well. It was great to see them, too. I felt so blessed to have all those family members come from so far away for the shower.

(The out of town crew)

We had over 20 people show up, and there were tons of generous gifts (lots of matching clothes which I can't wait to put the boys in - I'd better get it in quick before they get too old and Bob puts the kabosh on matching triplets). We played a few games and ate some pretty fantastic cake. :) A girl (especially a pregnant one) can NEVER have too much cake.

(Grandma and I putting our heads together to try and get the word scramble done)

The whole day was a great success. When Bob and Zach returned from Buffalo Wild Wings, Bob checked out all the gifts which he later sorted by size and style so we could get a count of all of the things we have and still need. I could hardly believe we have over 2,000 wipes and around 1,000 diapers of various sizes to get us started. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family.

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