Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heads and Tails

This past week has been a very doctor friendly week for us. For the first time in our pregnancy, I am starting to realize exactly what being pregnant with multiples means. Right now, several of my friends are also taking the pregnancy journey, and I've noticed that I go to the doctor A LOT more than they do. Last Friday, we had an appointment with the multiples doctor who found a "dimple" in my cervix that he wanted to check again on Tuesday. Bob and I were a little worried that I might be put on bed rest, but we made it through that appointment okay. On Wednesday, we were scheduled for an appointment with my regular doctor, Dr. Snead (whom we hadn't seen in about a month). Dr. Snead checked in on the boys and verified for us that they are all indeed young men with the equipment to prove it, hence the crotch shots below. (Daddy is pretty proud).

Baby A's man bits.

Baby B showing his goods.

Baby C's head and tail.

Thursday, we didn't have a doctor's appointment, which was a relief, but on Friday, it was time to go back to the multiples doctor. At Friday's appointment, we met with Dr. Graham (up to this point we'd been seeing Dr. Payne, and thanks to my good buddy Deeann, every time he touched my girl parts, I'd think "Payne in the Cain"). Dr. Graham seems to be a little more aggressive on the whole idea of bed rest. My cervix had shrunk by about .3 centimeters since Tuesday, and Dr. Graham appeared to be about to drop the hammer of bed rest. I think the pleading look on my face and my desperation to attend opening day saved me from sitting indefinitely, for a few more days at least. Dr. Graham and I struck a deal (and Bob and I did too) - if I sat all weekend and didn't try to do anything, the game would be okay as long as I returned to the doctor on Tuesday. This girl has a powerful need to see W throw out the first pitch, so I've been sitting and trying not to give Bob too hard a time.

Before the resting negotiations, Dr. Graham gave us a tour of my uterus and a peek at our babies. Bob and I forgot our video tape, so of course Baby A gave us a huge yawn and waved his hands around. Bob swears that Baby A is throwing out some rock fingers in this shot, but I say the jury is still out. You definitely can see his little face - kinda cute, if you ask me.

Baby B showed us his profile, and I think I spy a Campbell nose (i.e. very prominent) on that profile. Bob says it looks like a regular nose, but I think there might be a definite length on that nose that neither of us have. My mom is pretty excited about a Campbell nose, having one herself.

Our little C-monkey, was standing on his head for most of the appointment. We got a shot of him as well, but I have no idea which end is which. I'm sure that someone more skilled than Bob and I can see a baby in this picture, but I can't for the life of me find him. If you figure it out, let us know. Either way, Baby C likes to hang out above my belly button and away from the other two who are seemingly fighting for the best position - I guess this might be our laid back kid.

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