Monday, April 27, 2009

Observations on Hospital Bed Rest

Today is the end of my third day in the hospital. I'm 25 and 1/2 weeks along, so we are hoping for 34 weeks for the boys to be born - which is 8 weeks away. On Friday, Bob brought me some snacks and clean underpants as well as other essentials like DVDs, books, thank you notes that I need to write, etc. We settled in to the room pretty quickly and the routine has started to fall in to place.

Most importantly, I have been given shower privileges. This might not sound like something momentous, but it truly is. I can't imagine going 8 weeks without being able to shower. That would literally stink. They also are allowing me to wear my own clothes which makes me feel much more human than that horrible hospital gown I had to sport the first day and a half. On Thursday, Bob, Amy, and I measured my belly since I told them that I thought I was 5 feet around - I'm currently 58" around the middle (I'm 70" tall, so give it a couple more weeks and I might be bigger around than tall - CRAZY!) Here's a photo of me sporting real clothes and a really big belly.

A typical day here (so far), consists of me waking up around 6 am for my first pill of the day, going back to sleep until 7 when I get up and shower and dress (to kill some time while I'm starving for food - these babies and their mommy are HUNGRY!). At 8, breakfast arrives and I try to eat slowly so as to savor the experience and fill up the time. Around 9 or 10, the nurse comes in to put me on the contractions monitor and to try and find the babies heartbeats. This seems to be the most difficult part of the day. Since the boys are still so small, they have lots of room to roam around in and finding all three of their heartbeats at once is quite a challenge. Today it took around an hour of having my belly out and covered in that blue gel before everyone registered at once. Bob said it was quite a sight to behold. At noon, it's time to take another pill and eat lunch. At some point in the afternoon, the doctor shows up for rounds, then things are relatively calm until dinner around 5 pm (today, I got the menu for the "grill" downstairs so now I have TONS of choices). I'm very excited about leaving behind the vegetable frittata in favor of the bacon cheeseburger. For the past couple of days we've had company, so it's been really nice that the hours have gone quickly. At six, it's time for another pill and some more monitor time. Around 8, I usually make Bob scrounge me up some kind of snack. It makes Bob a little nuts that my panties share the same bag as our treats. It makes me laugh. At 9 it's time for more monitoring, and then nothing until my next pill at midnight. Throughout the day, I am supposed to wear these little shoe bootie things to keep me from having blood clots. They squeeze my feet and puff air simultaneously. It's kind of strange and feels like my feet are being strangled in an oven. The after effects of the booties are that my feet have been turned into something gross and veiny looking like I'm the Hulk. Note the attractiveness of said booties.

Since it was the weekend, I got to spend lots of quality time with Bob. He was here most of the weekend, and I really enjoyed having him around (as always, of course). He took up residence in the rocking chair next to my bed. We've watched lots of TV and such while we lounge about our new abode. As is to be expected, Bob has been wonderful at fetching me things from the house - we might have to rent a Uhaul to get home, but he's definitely keeping me well stocked. He even brought up drinks to put in our mini-fridge for guests. He's such a thoughtful guy! Tomorrow starts the work week, and I'm sure things will be a little different. I know that I'm going to miss Bob, but at the same time, email is a wonderful thing and we can chat all day. He's planning on spending the evenings with me and bringing DVDs of the shows we TIVO and watch together. I think this whole set up will get old pretty quick, but so far the experience has not been totally unpleasant.

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