Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showers of Sam Houston Love

On Wednesday, April 8th, my wonderful friends and colleagues at Sam Houston High School gave Bob and I the traditional lunch time shower. It was so much fun. There were new decorations to add to the staple I kept in my cabinet for such occasions, and Courtney, Bryan, Tawnya, and Judy did a great job creating the festive atmosphere. It seemed like the whole department showed up for the shindig, and it was really nice to see everyone and the vast quantity of gifts was truly amazing. Bob had to go out of town for a business meeting, but my mom was able to come and participate in the festivities. There were tons of great laughs and good friends and considering it was lunch time, the conversation was surprisingly school appropriate.

After looking at the pictures, Bob said his favorite part of the shower was seeing all those teachers sitting in student desks. I love that part too because it looks like lunch time in my room with the gang - especially since most people sat in their usual spots.

Bob and I were shocked at how much wonderful stuff we received. I was really excited about the car seat and the alphabet bedding set. There were so many cute clothes and other fun stuff as well.

The department even purchased us three premie outfits with cars that Bob and I are planning on bringing the boys home in - Bob decided to model it for me when he got home - hopefully, the outfits will fit the boys better.

Everything was so fantastic and reminded me why it was worth the forty miles I drive every morning to go to work. I do love my Sam Houston peeps.

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