Friday, April 10, 2009

Opening Day, Opening Legs, and Viability

After our last appointment at the multiples doctor, we got a yellow light to go to Rangers opening day. I had already recruited my friend Teri to cover my fourth period class, and in light of the fact that it would probably be the only Ranger game we made it to all year, I was very, very still over the weekend so that Bob would let me go. Bob, Stephen, and I met up in Arlington and had planned to park in the valet parking so that I didn't have to walk. Unfortunately, when we got to the valet, they were full, so Bob dropped us off. Stephen and I went in and were able to see all of the opening day festivities. It was great. We saw all the old Rangers players, the fly over was really neat, and George Bush throwing out the first pitch was totally awesome. Bob missed the whole thing as he was trying to find a parking spot. Poor Bob got the raw end of the opening day festivities. I sent him for food in the 2nd inning, and he and Stephen couldn't find a stand that was selling hot dogs - they were all out - and the Rangers had the most exciting inning of the game. I, on the other hand, had a great time. During the middle of the game, someone behind us spotted Laura Bush above us to the left eating peanuts. It was quite exciting. I have to say that for his first public appearance after the inauguration, Bush got a pretty great welcome. I was very excited to see him so close. He came out of the dugout right in front of us, and returned the same way. Stephen got some great pictures of the former prez, and we both cheered our lungs out. (Bob, who had been threatening to boo the former owner of the Rangers - not the president - was stuck in traffic for the big event). After the game, the big question was how to get me to the car. It was a pretty long walk, which I was pretty sure I could make, but it would have taken me forever and Bob was not keen on that idea at all. Stephen procured for us a ride from the grounds crew. Thanks to the Big Man, DT, and of course Dennis, the gator ride to our car was a savior. I don't know what we would have done if Bob had to struggle through the traffic to come an pick me up at Home Base. It was a fantastic time. The weather was great, the game was wonderful since the Rangers won, and it was everything I hoped it would be, but I have to admit, that was certainly my last outing as a woman pregnant with triplets. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that life is changing and that we can't do as much as I'm used to doing. I think this is somewhat of a relief for Bob as I don't fight him on every single thing like I was doing. I've taken up my post on the couch and am firmly entrenched.

On Tuesday, we returned to Dr. Graham for another cervix check. At this point, I think I've given up on personal grooming. I really need to shave my legs - they gross me out, but I just didn't feel like all the bending and stretching was worth it, so poor Dr. Graham is getting Angela au natural. Anyway, the cervix check went pretty well. It hadn't grown nor had it shrunk which has given me another week of reprieve from bed rest. We go back on Tuesday for another cervix check. Dr. Graham gave us the game plan for the rest of the pregnancy, which is nice to know. From now on, we will go to the multiples doctor every week where they will check my cervix & the health of the babies. Every other week at the multiples doctor, they'll measure the boys and do a fibernectin test which indicates if I'm having any kind of pre-term labor. We will also see our regular doctor every other week. Dr. Snead will check for my sugar level - which was a little too high this last time, so I need to cut back on some sugar (very difficult for a generally big girl who loves anything that is the opposite of healthy) - and my general health. Dr. Graham also told us that at this point we are 23 weeks along and the babies are VIABLE!!! This is a huge hurdle. We've made it this far with all of the boys doing well and if anything happens, they will probably all make it. Bob and I are so relieved to get to this point. We have several more weeks to go, but the average for triplets is 32 weeks. We are hoping to make it to at least 34 weeks. At the beginning of the pregnancy, I was hoping to make it all the way to 36 weeks, but as things get more and more difficult, I don't know how long this body will hold out. I'm starting to get so huge and uncomfortable that I'm having trouble doing every day things like taking off my pants - who knew it could cause such pain and anguish to change your clothes.

Another exciting thing that has happened this week with the triplets, is that I am starting to be able to feel them kicking and moving around on the outside of my belly. Every time they do a few little kicks, I'll grab Bob's hand and try to help him find the active child, but of course the little stinkers go all still every time Daddy tries to feel them. They don't even respond to his poking and prodding. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we are both hoping that they'll stop kicking so much, but at this point in the pregnancy, we're very excited about every little movement. Especially since it means that I know they're all still doing okay in there.

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  1. Opening day sounded awesome. When I heard W was going to be there, I really wanted to go, but by that point, it was too late. So glad you and your little home-grown army are all doing well. Feeling them move is amazing....and it's pretty cool that it is just a mama and babies thing for a little while...soon enough Bob will feel them. Happy Easter!