Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The First Cut

Today, the boys had their first hair cuts. Bob, his parents, and I took the kids to the Barber Shop in Keller. They were great. We had called ahead, so they knew we were coming even though they didn't take appointments. Michael was the first to hit the chair. He wasn't very happy about it. He had a few tears, but he was very still and did a great job.
Putting on the stylish (and manly) cape, Michael seems somewhat apprehensive.
Really not digging this experience.

What a face!
Watching a video that the lady barber shared with us.
A boy needs his pacifier.
James comes over to check out the action. At this point, we weren't sure whether or not he was going to take a turn in the chair since his hair is all business in the front and not too long in the back.
Clipper time.
All done!
Ryan was the second man in the chair. He kept thinking he was finished and standing up grabbing on to me. He did very well. No tears at all and he even charmed the barber into letting him hold the clippers and the brush.
Ryan shows off his favorite finger. He loves to point at things and say "that."
"Just take a little off of the sides."

A final comb before we're all done.
Let's take off that offensive neck protector.
Oooooooh, the brush!
Clean 'em up!
The last to the chair, James gets his mullet trimmed.
Ah, lady, I'm not going to stay still no matter how sweetly you ask.
That's right, this is a Texas cut.
Daddy lends a helping hand.
Keep it still, Mr. James.
All done!
Three fine lookin' men with their new 'dos.

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  1. What an event! Love how everyone was all smiles at the end! Great adult:kid ratio, too, btw. :)