Friday, September 10, 2010

Traveling In Style

A few weeks ago, Bob, the boys, and I took a trip to Louisiana to see my family. It's a six to seven hour trip, and I was a little apprehensive about how well the boys would do on such a long trip. Of course, they were wonderful, thanks to a few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba! On the way down, we stopped at a McDonalds to eat lunch and give the kids a little time to play. I have decided that there is no reason to stop at McDonalds. Our kids aren't quite big enough to play on the playground stuff there, the food is less than par, and the line at the bathroom was ridiculous. At least this fast food establishment had three high chairs, but still we ended up eating outside in 100 weather. It was less than ideal. It took us around an hour to eat, change diapers, and give the kids a little walking time. For our second stop, it was raining, so we just stopped and got gas. While Bob was pumping the gas, we let the kids play in the car. They had a fabulous time hanging out - literally.
The boys love looking out the window. The cargo features of the 'burb create a great play area.
Mommy makes sure no one departs the vehicle unexpectedly.
Michael takes some time to stretch.
Ryan and Michael would have preferred to keep looking out the window, but it was time to hop back into our seats and head to Momo's house. When we pulled up, Momo came out to meet "us," and the kids were very excited to see her. We had a great time with both the Campbells and the Cains. When we left, Michael refused to let go, and we had to pull him away from his Momo. These boys know how to hold 'em. On our return trip, we stopped at a rest stop (I can never stop at a rest area without thinking of the Grapes of Wrath) for a potty/diaper change break. Bob watched the kids while I changed diapers, then we hopped back in the car, and the boys ate on the go. It was a much smoother return trip. I've learned that the boys are going to sit and eat, and I'd rather they sit in their car seats while we're on the move than sit at a fast food establishment for extended periods of time. For all those moms out there, let me recommend the snack trap - it makes for much neater snack eating - thanks, Anne!

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  1. (sigh) I love your blog. I don't know how you find the energy to do all you do. You're my hero! Thanks for the photo of the boys looking out the window. So precious!