Monday, September 13, 2010

Swept Away

Lately, the boys have been invading the pantry and fighting over my broom. Odd, I know, that my children would want to clean. I mentioned this to Mom and the next time I saw her, she brought over three little brooms. The boys love them. Of course, they are also excellent weapons, but occasionally, the cleaning crew gets a chance to take over the house.
Ryan works the broom.
It's also an excellent walking staff. Don't tell Joseph, or he'll make it some kind of strange Hobbit habit or something.
Michael thinks cleaning is fun. He is always the first to put the toys away, so it only makes since that the boy who doesn't really like to get his hands dirty likes to clean.
James finds the prospect of sweeping the bathroom especially exciting.

Discussing the nuances of proper sweeping technique.
James gets the job done.
Michael knows that sometimes you've got to take a little break while cleaning. It's time for a little water.
Sweeping Jam.
Rugs, tile, carpet, he does it all!
The cleaning crew at work.
Ryan contemplates the benefits of air guitar broom. He is his father's son.
Double duty working twice as hard.
A cleaning crew's work is never done (although it is limited as the brooms have become excellent weapons against both the TV and one's brothers).

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