Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Put Together a Crib Last Night!

1 Down, 2 to Go!

Today begins week 15 of the pregnancy odyssey. The only real baby purchasing that has been done are the 3 cribs that my parents bought us, they arrived last week. Angela typically is the one who puts together furniture. I hate doing it because invariably, I will screw it up. She likes doing it, so we had decided she'd do it and I'd assist.

She has been very tired lately and we just hadn't gotten around to putting one together. Yesterday she had to work late and had been having a tough day. I figured, I'd try to cheer her up and have a crib put together for her when she got home. Well, she got home a little before I expected her to and of course I had screwed up a step (or two), so when she walked in the crib wasn't ready. She did a good job of faking excitement although I'm pretty sure her thought was, great, I had a long day and I come home to this fool and a messed up crib.

We re-did the two errors I had made and about 30 minutes later the crib was built as you see above. I think it took a total of 2 1/2 hours. My goal is to cut that time by at least 5 minutes for each crib. I have a hunch if I do it myself I'll actually add time to the total but I'll give it my best.

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