Wednesday, February 4, 2009

14 Week Appointment

Today, Bob and I had our 14 week appointment. Finally, I got the cold jelly on the belly treatment rather than the more internal route. All three babies are looking great and have wonderful heartbeats.

Baby A was the first baby we saw, and he/she shocked me as he/she actually looks like a real human being now rather than an indistinguishable blob. Although, in this picture, he/she looks like all blob and no baby.

Baby B was predictably friendly and waved at us as we watched him/her and listened to the heartbeat (this was the same baby that gave Bob jazz hands last time). Even the doctor commented on how cool it was that the baby waved at us. I think that must be a girl to be such a great communicator at an early age. ;) Although, he/she is apparently camera shy and turned his/her back for the picture.

Baby C was harder to see as he/she is sort of hidden behind Baby B, but we got the best multi-sided view of him/her as the doctor searched around for a good picture. This was the first baby we got to see such a defined view of the spine.

The doctor also labeled where each of the babies are hanging out in my uterus so that when they start kicking me, I'll know who the culprit is. Some time this month, we will meet with the multiples doctor and probably be able to find out the sexes of the babies, which is pretty cool, and we'll finally be able to get down to serious business when it comes to finding the perfect names for our three wonderful children.

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