Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Fourth Musketeer

Lately, life has been somewhat stable (at least for the kids). While Bob and I prepare for a move to Florida pending our house selling/renting, the boys have kept to their routine although we've added a few new faces.
Now that he's a new college grad, Uncle Joseph is home for the summer, and he's a frequent visitor at both the big house and the boys' house.
We have gone out and about a few times, and these little men LOVE a movie. A big player in our car lately is Cinderella. Michael really enjoys the mice.
We have many talents, and as we are talking more and more, there are certain words that make a frequent appearance. Ryan loves hats and identifies them (you have to pay very close attention because hat and hot sound extremely similar). Ryan also loves cars, trucks, and heeeus (horses). Michael can say just about anything he wants to say. Today, he was playing in the water, pointed out an airplane, wore a hat, had his blanket, and said his own name. The boys have been saying each others' names for a while, but Michael is the first to say his own name - My-cull! James talks as well, but he talks through his "pah-fire." He says lots of phrases "where is it?," "there it is?," "ma pah-fire," thank you, and peeese. All of the boys are very polite and say please and thank you. Occasionally, you tell them to say thank you and they'll say you're welcome.
Grandma and Papa Joe got the kids a sand and water table for Easter. The boys love the sand. They put it everywhere. They have sand in their cars, sand in their hair, and Michael has sand in his intestinal track.
Michael and his brothers like to turn on the water and wash their hands. They tend to wash the wall as well, but anything for good hygiene.
Recently, we've had a special visitor and her mom and grandma. Alie, our best girl cousin, came for a visit. The kids played so well together. Alie fit right in and no one clobbered her or bit her or even noticed she wasn't one of the trio.
Ryan shared his heeeus with Alie. She's a natural rider.
James showed her how to play the drums.Michael shared his chapeau with her, and she wore it well.
I think James and Alie definitely look like cousins. They've got those Cain genes working for them (although, I think my boys got the tall gene where Alie might have gotten less of that particular DNA code).
Alie and her best almost 2 year old cousins.
After dinner at Flips, we stopped in the back of the suburban for some diaper changing and monkeying around.
It's fun being cousins!

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