Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pomp and Circumstances

May 14, 2011 is a day that I've dreaded for four years. When Joseph and Stephen graduated from high school in 2007, Bob and I both knew there was a chance that they would graduate at the same time and there would be no way we could attend both graduations. In 2008, Zach started law school - a three year program - and I knew the results could be tragic. They were. I would have loved for all of us to attend all three graduations, but it's just physically impossible to be in Waco, Houston, and Norman, OK at the same time. (This leads in to my new graduation worry - what if my kids go to three different colleges and all graduate on the same day - it's just too much to think about - they are all going to have to go to the same school so that I don't have to choose between my children).
In January, we found out that all three would be graduating on May 14. Bob, of course, would attend Stephen's graduation, my parents would go to Joseph's graduation, and as the genetically closest person to Zach in the universe, I got to go to Zach's graduation. We had hoped that each graduate would have a designated triplet, but due to Joseph's two day graduation extravaganza, Mom and Joe decided to opt out, and so Bob and his family took Ryan and James to Stephen's graduation. Michael and I headed south for the middle child's graduation.
Ryan tries to get Uncle Stephen, recent graduate, to help him fly while James looks somewhat curious about the potential outcome.
James sports Aunt Mellie's beads. I hear that he did a great job at the graduation. I'm sure that he was very content to color for a significant period of time.
Ryan doing what he does best - having a good time. Everybody needs to take a minute to stop and roll around in the grass.
The Newhouse boys with the grad. Note Uncle Stephen's sporty green tie that coordinates with his stole.
A proud big brother! We are so blessed to have Stephen in our lives. I'm pretty sure that Bob couldn't have been more impressed with how wonderfully Stephen has turned out. In the fall, he'll be returning to Baylor to get a masters in Sports Management. The scholarship he received puts him in charge of taking care of the Baylor baseball team. I wonder if he'll end up a coach or managing the daily operations of some major league team. Either way, I know that he's going to be very successful.
The happy graduate! I'm pretty sure Melanie's smile was bigger, and I know she's ecstatic that he's going to not only be the first college graduate but also the first advanced degree in the family.
Michael and I headed down to Houston to hang out with Uncle Zach and Aunt Mandy on Friday afternoon. Zach was actually in Haslet for an interview! We are all hopeful that he'll get the job lawyering and move back to the area. As with all good things, we have to wait to hear if he's got the job.
Michael and I had a great time just the two of us. I hope in the future to get to spend some quality one on one time with each of the boys. Michael was very happy to be at Uncle Zach's (in fact, today, we were looking at wedding pictures and he identified the back of Uncle Zach's head). The graduation was good, I guess. We spent most of the time there were speeches out in the lobby, but we made it back to the seats for the big event.
Uncle Zach's erudite pose.
The juris doctorate and his trophy wife.
The proudest sibling EVER and her genetically closest relative with her favorite middle child.
Sportin' Uncle Zach's funny hat.
On the way home on Sunday, Michael and I took the opportunity to visit Sam Sam Houston Houston. He was a little freaked out by the big face, but before we left, I got him to pat Sam's nose.
Someone did not want to have his picture taken in front of some strange giant statue.
Mom & Michael in front of Sam. Note that Michael is holding the cork from our celebratory morning mimosas. He held that cork from Houston until we got lunch in Waxahachie. No trip with Mom would be complete without an ice cream, so we stopped and got a treat before we got home.Unfortunately, there were no Newhouses at Joseph's graduation. The only consolation I have is that he'll graduate again, and I can go to that graduation. Mom, Joe, and Faith said that it was quite a shindig. Apparently on Friday night they had a lights and graduates show complete with fireworks and a famous speaker.
The next day at the actual commencement, Joseph really paid attention to the speeches (or at least pretended to). Apparently, OU's graduation for the school of liberal arts was pretty crazy as they graduated in pairs. I wish I could have seen it, but there's always next time.
Proud papa and sister post-graduation.
The ladies love Joey!
Joseph, college graduate! I am so exceedingly proud of him. In the fall, Baylor will get another uncle. Joseph will be doing a five year doctoral program in English. With both Joseph and Stephen in town, I'm sure there will be at least one or two visits to Waco.
When Zach graduated from college, I got him a sword. Seemed like an appropriate gift for Joseph as well - here he assumes a beat-down stance and challenges Bob to a duel (of course Bob was in Florida, but that's neither here nor there). I am so glad that the graduations are over, and we are so proud of our Uncles!

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