Friday, May 6, 2011

On the Hunt for Rabbits and Eggs

Easter, as always, was a wonderful holiday. This year, the boys were actually walking when it came time for the egg hunt at church. Sadly, this ability to navigate upon their own two feet did not translate into stellar egg finders.
The family awaits the festivities and has a bite to eat while the Easter Bunny does his thing. Jonathan did a great job on the kids' Easter message, and our children didn't do too much damage to the church, although James had a powerful desire to bang upon the piano, Michael kept aiming for the microphone (I always knew that my little Beastie Boy's name is Mike C and he gets respect, your cash and your jewelry is what he expects), and Ryan just ran about with wild abandon.
Aforementioned wild abandon being practiced in the prayer garden. Thankfully, Ry wasn't the only kid running rampant in the sacred garden, and unlike James, Ryan didn't pick any of the flowers. After the Easter message, the boys headed to the pre-school line with the rest of the kids to "collect" their eggs.
This is what Michael did instead of finding eggs. We did manage to coax him to bring the egg that was on the play set to Grandma between his attempts to drive and slide. I guess he wins the day with one egg placed firmly in the carton.
Ryan found many eggs, which he the proceeded to dunk and leave behind. Notice that the candy has been tossed aside while Ry contemplates how to put the recently dunked egg back together so that it could be dunked again.
James only had eyes for the trikes. He ran straight for the tricycles and proceeded to push himself around (sans peddles) for the majority of the hunt. The total egg count collected by the Newhouse boys and Grandma Newhouse was six. After such a dismal failure at egg collection, I decided that when we got home we needed a practice session so that those 60 eggs I put candy in would not go to waste. By the end of our practice, they got the idea, but they really liked opening the eggs more than finding them.
A post hunt break with Daddy. I love that James has his ears covered, Michael is eating "ships," and Ryan is trying to watch whatever is on Daddy's iPhone. I'm a huge sucker for any picture that has all of my boys together in it. I have a feeling that this is going to be a recurrent theme in my life.
After the boys went to bed, all tuckered out from their "egg hunt practice session," the Easter Bunny made a drop off, and Bob and I admired it. (Please note that the Easter Bunny, aware of how much James loves his Brobee that Aunt Mellie got him for Christmas, found a Muno and Plex for Michael and Ryan, but not wanting James to be left out, snuck in and brought Brobee downstairs for James - who I am sure when he woke up wanted to know where his Brobee had run off to).
Success! James spies his Brobee and a whole lot of Easter goodies.
Ryan joins his brother in admiring the loot. His very own Muno (which has ended up in Michael's bed and Plex has ended up in Ryan's bed, so I guess the Bunny got that one wrong).
My three little monkeys on the move and about to dive into their baskets. Please note that Ryan was only partially undressed as I forgot to strategically place a safety pin at the top of his jammies. At least he was not doing a full monty as he is on some mornings.
The Easter Bunny brought a microphone very similar to but much cheaper than Sid the Science Kid's. Much karaoke, toddler style, has been sung in our home as a result of this mic.
Michael tries to work the clock puzzle but is foiled by the plastic. I do regret removing said plastic as I spend many minutes of my life gathering these pieces and placing them back in the clock only to have them flung to the four corners of the living room for subsequent re-gathering.
Jam Master Jay takes the mic to rock us all night.
Plex! Muno! Michael LOVES identifying two items over and over again. We must have identified Plex & Muno one million times before we left for church.
Ryan discards a book the Bunny brought while looking for more loot. Ryan found the small Dove chocolate bunny I got them (we got a big Easter cross instead of a bunny) and proceeded to consume the entire bunny in one sitting before even making it to breakfast - that's my kid, eat the candy first!
James opens a card from Grandma & Grandpa amongst his Easter loot.
Frog shades are the latest in toddler fashion, especially since the bunny found them at Michael's for a buck.
Man can not live by chocolate bunny alone, he must also have graham crackers.
Our mobster cowboy sporting his Easter finery.
Yes, yes, they are too cute. Note the nod to last year's baseball themed Easter outfits - they are wearing the same socks, the only dark ones they own, 'cause you can't go to church sporting Michael Jackson socks.
The traditional Easter family picture - attempt one. Failure. Unable to get all faces on camera.
Grandma & Grandpa did a little better, but James seems to be attempting to make a break for it.
We stole this idea from the Donahos, but I think it was definitely work replicating. I must admit, when I look at my kids, I am thankful to God for them. We were so blessed to have three healthy boys, and I cherish every single moment with them (even the ones that make me want to break stuff). I concur, Hallelujah.
Family picture attempt take two. Better, but not fantastic. At least it's a better picture than our Santa picture from this year. After church, we went home, had lunch, and then rested up for the family festivities that kicked off around four. Uncle JP & Aunt Sue came from Tyler, Uncle Stephen was home from Baylor, Amy put in an appearance, and we had both sets of grandparents and the one and only Easter Egg Hunter Extraordinaire Aunt Faith join us for a big family dinner. I loved every minute of it. Before the dinner, the boys put their hunting skills to the test.
James was by far the best egg hunter of the group. Michael loved finding the eggs and dumping them, and luckily we got him to dump them in the basket. Ryan found the eggs, dumped them on the ground, ate a piece of candy, and moved on. Ryan especially liked the eggs that looked like balls (he is already sports obsessed and will watch baseball at every opportunity, I'm pretty sure the madness is just beginning).

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